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Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Review, Prices, Equipment

An in-depth review of Hasler postage meters, prices, pros & cons, and alternative solutions for your office mailing needs. If you’re doing a lot of business, that means that a lot of headaches. You always knew running a company would take rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work.

You probably never imagined that you would have to worry about metered mail. However, it’s a requirement for many businesses that have to send out packages on a regular basis.

Renting Hasler postage meters, also known as a franking machine, could help you and your employees work more efficiently. That equals fewer headaches and trips to the post office.

Top Benefits of Using Hasler Postage Meters

Let’s be frank. You probably don’t spend much time thinking about postage meters but you could be saving yourself time and money for your company. Here is why.

Best Hasler Postage Meters

No Trips to the Post Office

Who has time to go to the post office these days? Driving there, finding a parking spot, and waiting in line for post office workers (who are notoriously slow) can take the better part of an afternoon.

All that for something you could do at your desk? Leave going to the post office in the past.

Easy To Use

You don’t need to be “good” with computers to work a postage meter. The Hasler postage meters are all self-explanatory and easy to work with.

Easy on the Budget

All these trips and post office expenses add up. Renting one and handling it yourself is much more affordable.

Hasler Review

The Story of Hasler Postage Meters

Postage stamps began to be issued in the US during the mid-1800s. Since then, it became apparent the measures should be taken to ensure the authenticity of postage without sacrificing convenience.

A postage stamp affixing machine was first created a few decades later. The first patent for a postage meter with a counting device was awarded to Frenchman Carle Bushe in 1884.

However, it wasn’t until 1890 that the first franking machine was actually put into use. American inventor, Arthur Pitney, created what would become to be the American Postage Meter Company. In 1919, he joined forces with Bowes to create the Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter Company, a name still trusted today.

Breaking Up the Monopoly

Pitney-Bowes was able to acquire other postage service companies and grew into a worldwide behemoth. We all know what happens when one company creates a monopoly in their field.

Since its foundation in 1980, the Hasler Postage Meter Company has been one of the few that have been able to compete with giants of Pitney-Howes.

Though the competition has been stiff, their dedication to quality has ensured them a place in the world of postage meters.

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  • Hasler Today

    Hasler is the leader in European postage meters and is preferred by plenty of business in America.

    In 2009, Hasler fused with another industry mover, Neopost. Hasler-Neopost offers postage meter solutions for small and medium-sized companies throughout the globe.

    Since then, Neopost was renamed to Quadient and they handle lease and maintenance support of the Hasler machines. They are based in Milford, Connecticut, and their US distribution center is located in Tennessee.

    Our Review of Hasler Postage Meters

    When it comes to postage meters, there is no room for mistakes. You need a solution that is reliable and efficient. You don’t want to sacrifice quality but you have a budget to consider at the same time.

    Dependability, convenience, and value are all things we look at when we make our reviews.

    In general, Hasler postage meters are just as good, if not superior, to higher-priced models. Keep reading to learn more about the different models they offer and how we got to our conclusion.

Hasler IM430

Top Postage Meters by Hasler

They have postage solutions for every office and company. Here are some of their most successful models and our review of Hasler postage meters.

IM-420 Intelligent Mailing Solution

The IM-420 is a favorite among the business owners and the workers that use them. You can efficiently process, feed, and seal your mail at up to 65 letters per minute.

That is more than enough for most small businesses.

Plus, weighing multiple items is fast and easy with the IM-420’s Smart Start and Differential Weighing technology.

iX-3 Series Postage Meter

This model is perfect to handle the mailing needs of small to medium businesses that are looking to expand.

The iX-3 offers a subtle and compact design but is more than capable of tackling your shipping and handling.

Most notably, this model comes with the latest technology in tracking, reporting, processing, and managing postage. The Neostats software will help you keep your comings and goings in order.

Hasler iX-3 Series

IS-280 iMeter

For comparison, we present the Neopost’s IS-280. It is simple to use and it can handle a variety of tasks.

Despite its compact design, it includes several sophisticated features, such as seamless connectivity through Neopost Online Services. Plus, it fits right on your desktop and is surprisingly quiet for the work it handles.

The IS-280 is perfect for all of your mailing needs.

Hasler IS-280 iMeter


If compactness and ergonomics is your major concern, the WJ-20 might be the one for you. Easily one of the smaller commercially-available postage meters, desk space might be a major concern for those with the WJ-20.

This is better suited for those with smaller offices that aren’t sending out hundreds or thousands of packages per day.

However, it is the best friend of small business owners that want to save time and money on shipping and handling.

Hasler WJ-20

IS-5000 High Volume Mailing Solution

This is the big enchilada when it comes to mailing productivity. It has everything your business could need when it comes to shipping and handling.

It can seal and meter up to 300 letters per minute.

Despite its power, using it is simple thanks to its touch screen and full keyboard.

Hasler IS-5000

Never Miss A Stamp

Hasler Postage Meters are what every office needs to bring them into the 21st century. Say goodbye to going to the post office and paying for something you can handle by yourself.

Are you interested in learning more about postage meters and metered mail solutions? Visit this page to learn more about rentals and other services we offer.

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