Hasler IM6000 for Highest Mailing Volumes

Small and medium-sized businesses have rigorous postage requirements.

It’s important to have a resolute machine installed to help with all related tasks and ensure things move in the right direction. This is where the Hasler IM6000 enters the conversation as the company’s top-tier model. Does it do an excellent job of what’s required?

Let’s take a look in this in-depth review on the postage meter.

Key Features

Hasler IM6000 Postage Meter

  • 1) Straightforward Ergonomic Operation
  • 2) Top-Tier Investment Protection
  • 3) Equipped With 15″ Touch Screen With Full Range of Movement
  • 4) Simple to Understand Prompts
  • 5) Full Keyboard Included With Custom Text Messaging 6) Optional Remote Label Dispenser
  • 7) Advanced Modular Design
  • 8) Offers Dual Pump and Jet Spray Sealing System
  • 9) High Capacity Envelope Feeder
  • 10) Includes Mixed Mail Feeder
  • 11) Dynamic Mail With Reliable Sensors
  • 12) Offers Weighing Platform For Heaviest Packages
  • 13) Includes Three Speed Choices (210, 260, and 300 LPM)

Hasler IM6000 Postage Meter Review


1) Easy to Use

The system is easy to use with its mixed mail feeder, full keyboard layout, and top-tier weighing platform. The Hasler IM6000 is designed to provide an optimal solution for those generating a substantial amount of output and want a robust solution as soon as possible.

This is a top-tier machine and is going to provide a comprehensive option for those who need a dynamic mail setup.

2) Ideal for High Output Settings

With its three-speed setup, the letters per minute ensure things are completed quickly and efficiently without hiccups.

The settings come in at 210, 260, and 300 LPM depending on what the task entails. This helps set things up in seconds, and the machine veers towards its requirements in a jiffy. The Hasler IM6000 is the ultimate machine for those in high output settings where the numbers will start to creep up into the thousands. It can handle the workload in such cases.

3) Consistent

It is one thing to have a high volume postage meter and another to have one that is consistent. This is a real concern for users, and it’s important to see if the Hasler IM6000 can do the job.

Yes, it can.

The Hasler IM6000 is a consistent machine that can manage mail with relative ease. Since it can handle high speeds; it is going to ensure things are moving along at a pace that is sustainable. It doesn’t start to break down nor does it make a lot of noise.

4) Durable Build

What about the build quality? Is the machine able to handle the rigors of an aggressive workload or does it start to require maintenance every step of the way?

The machine is resolutely built and can handle the active use it is going to be put under. This demand is always present in high volume settings, and it is built to handle such rigorous work conditions. The postage meter is one of the top-flight options sold by Hasler, and its build quality says it all.

The machine can generate great speed and efficiency without fluttering along the way.

Related Software and Available Accessories:
  • 1) Commercial Rates App
  • 2) Hasler Postal Accountant App
  • 3) Online Postal Expense Manager App
  • 4) Remote Diagnostics App
  • 5) E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt
  • 6) TotalFunds App
  • 7) Postal rates App
These apps add value to the system and provide an all-inclusive solution for all postal-related needs. It’s the ultimate fit and Hasler has gone the extra mile to include a range of apps for all situations.


What is one of the primary requirements with a machine of this nature? It’s the expenses associated with using it and the amount of money being saved in the long-run. If that is a concern, this review will dive into what the Hasler IM6000 brings to the table.

It will help in reducing the money being spent on completing various postage tasks. It is built to handle speeds of up to 300 LPM (letters per minute) illustrating how quickly it is able to generate positive results. This is key for those who are particular about how they design their setup.

Concluding Thoughts

Is the Hasler IM6000 perfect for your needs? Yes, it is a power-packed solution with world-class attention to detail. The company has gone above and beyond with its product this time around. Check out the full model specs and more for the Hasler IM6000 here.

The Hasler IM6000 is one of those impeccable solutions made to please those who are selective about what they use. It will fit into place right away and is going to generate great results.

This is a must-buy and a top-tier option for those who want the best.


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