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Solve all of your mailing, shipping, and metered mail problems with a quality postage meter solution found though Postage Meter Rental. Learn how your office can print digital stamps with an in-house postage machine or online solution without leaving the office while reducing your cost for USPS services by up to 80%.

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There are important questions you need to ask to conveniently choose the best postage meter that will save your business the most money but still has the features you really need and the quality that you can depend on. First, how much are you willing to spend for postage each month? Are you willing to spend more on stamps or would you rather rent or lease a postage meter and get a big return for your investment? Second, what is the daily bulk of mail does your company need to send? If you have high volumes of letters and packages everyday, would you go to USPS, go through the hassle of day-to-day mailing and shipping processes or would you rather have your employees remain on-site at the office using the postage machine you will get from without a sweat?

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postagemeter-request-quote gives you the biggest selection of postage meters. We are partnered with United States Postal Service (USPS) authorized postage meters suppliers who do not just offer postage machines but also provide all your mailing and shipping needs.

Imagine the day when you can easily print postage for all mail and package services because your business finally has a postage meter. Your metered mail can be delivered within two to three days (Priority Mail) but you can absolutely opted for a faster and more affordable service with an overnight delivery (Express Mail).

Of course, you can still select the standard USPS service (First-Class Mail) or their global delivery services (International Mail). Aside from all these beneficial functions of renting or leasing a postage machine, you can also enjoy the other amenities such as Package Services, which allows you to ship packages in different ways; Presorted First, which sorts mail by zip code; and above all the type of service that is very essential for your business, the Bulk mailings.

With the quick delivery timeline mentioned above, it is obvious postage meters save you time. But as a businessperson, saving time is good but also saving money can be even better. That’s why lets you use our handy quoting tool for FREE! With our tool, you won’t just save money but you will also be able to effortlessly view and compare the features and prices of the postage meters available in the market. You can also get the list of all the merchandise and support our reliable affiliates have to offer.

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Through our online Postage Machine Buyers Guide, along with our partners, can guarantee your satisfaction with the following products and services:


  • Postage meters (for all types of businesses, from small offices to large corporations)
  • All mailing, shipping and tracking tools: Address Printers, Postal Scales, Folder/Inserters, Tabbers, Computer with installed software for tracking, parcel processing and postal accounting
  • Mailing supplies, packing and shipping supplies: postage meter ink, envelopes & mailers; mail carts, furniture and accessories; letter opener and a lot more
  • Online postage
  • Repair Parts and Accessories


  • Technical Support
  • Hardware Repair and Maintenance
  • Postal Updates
  • Bundling – matching your shipping and mailing needs with postage meter, Windows tablet with the necessary software and label printer
  • Financing – Leasing, Get Postage Now & Pay Later

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