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Quadient (Formerly NeoPost) Postage Meter Review, Prices, Equipment

An in-depth review of Quadient postage meters, prices, pros & cons, and alternative solutions for your office mailing needs. There are a few things to learn if you’re looking for a postage meter before placing your order. Find out more about Quadient (formerly Neopost) postage meters and why they might be the meter brand you need for your business.

Who Is Quadient?

Quadient began as Neopost initially formed in 1992 by a group of investors from Fonds Partneraires. They were taken over by another group advised by BC Partners in 1997. After their introduction to the Paris Euronext market, they made several vital acquisitions and bought a majority stake in Temando in 2015.

Neopost continued to expand into digital communications through their acquisition of Systemhaus (a German leader in Communication Management).

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In 2019, they announced their rebranding as Quadient. According to their CEO, Geoffrey Godet, this was a critical move that was made to allow them to align their corporate brand with their expansion strategy.

Currently, Quadient (formerly Neopost) is managed by a leadership team that allows it to continue to build on its proven track record. It also has an eleven-member Board of Directors tasked with examining and approving the strategic directions taken by the company. It is a public company with its headquarters in Bagneux, France.

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Why Choose a Quadient Meter?

Many reasons stand out, but it’s the superb customer service at Quadient that keeps bringing customers back. Keeping your meter running and in tip-top shape is essential. Any lags or disruptions will mean turmoil in the mailroom no matter how large or small your operation.

Quadient leads in many areas; take a look at recent postage meter reviews to get a clearer picture.

Another area to review is Quadient’s more recent expansions. It includes acquisitions of Software as Service (SaaS) companies, and this gives customers direct access to QA products, data mining, and analytics tools, along with others.

Of course, above all else, Quadient’s commitment to keeping your machine running with its high (and timely) first-time fix rate is an essential point to keep in mind.

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What Are the Top Quadient (Formerly Neopost) Postage Meter Models?

Every model has a set of features that make it better suited to a particular environment or workload. Quadient postage meters come in a variety of shapes and sizes for this reason. It also means you’ll have no problem finding a model that perfectly fits your business’s needs.

Quadient Postage Meters for Offices

IX-3, IS-280, IS-350, and IN-360 are great for offices.

They are small, and yet extremely powerful. They offer processing rates from 20 letters per minute (LPM) with the iX-3 reaching up to 45 LPM. Of these, the IS-280 is one of the popular machines among new customers; however, the IS-360’s performance exceeds what one might expect from a device of its size.

Postage Meters for Tabletops

These postage meters are much larger, and as the description suggests, they require a tabletop location. With the increase in size also comes more powerful production, and this includes both speed and additional functionality. If your office sees a high daily volume or seasonal increases in the mail sent, these are the meters for you.

Under this category, you have these options:

  • Quadient IS-420
  • Quadient IS-440
  • Quadient IS-480
  • Quadient IN-600H or IN-600A
  • Quadient IN-700

As you would expect, production speeds are much higher in these machines, from 65 LPM in the IS-420 to 150 LPM in the IN-700. What’s more, they have more assignable departments that will make it simple to watch and keep checks on postage spending.

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The Professionals

Dedicated mailrooms need special equipment, and if that’s what you need, Quadient has you covered.

In this category, you find the IS-5000 and IS-6000. These machines are designed to be efficient. From their ergonomic layout to sealing, inline weighing, metering, and stacking, they are perfect for large enterprises, utilities, mail management companies, and educational institutions along with others.

Quadient IS-5000 Postage Meter

How to Get a Quadient Postage Meter

If you think you’re ready to get a postage meter, that’s great. There are still a few steps before you’re on your way to stamping and mailing. First, you will need a permit from your city or town to operate a meter.

Next, determine the volume of mail (on average) that you send out in a day, week, and month. Doing this will give you a baseline for what standard of meter you should target.

Postage meters can’t be purchased outright by law, so you’ll need to compare a few companies to decide which one will give the best service for your postage meter. Some points to consider include:

1. After-Sales Service

Check for fast response rates for technical support. Look for information on the maintenance schedule you can expect throughout the life of your meter.

2. Supply Costs

Costs for things like ink, labels, and part replacements vary depending on the meter you choose. Check that these additional costs for whichever postage meter you select are within your budget.

3. Meter Size

Understanding your business’s needs is essential when selecting a meter. Since they come in varying sizes, you don’t want to end up with a machine that doesn’t correctly handle the amount of mail your office sends.

4. Contract Terms

As meters are given on rental only, yours will come with either a long or short contract. Please go over the terms to verify they are fair and agreeable to you. If you only plan to use the machine for a year, you shouldn’t take a long-term contract, for example.

Some suppliers offer unique incentives or discounts that can help lower your costs along with free trials that allow you to use a meter for 30, 60, or 90 days. These trials let you get a feel for the meter, and it’s capabilities which is a great advantage.

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Now that you have some information about Quadient (formerly Neopost) postage meters, and have done some research on others, you should be close to a decision.

If you’re still uncertain, the experts at Postage Meter Rental can help. Please take a minute to reach out to them today.

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Quadient Top Models:

iX-3 Series