Get the Hasler IN 600 AF Postage to Handle Moderate Mailing Needs

Today’s fast-paced businesses require updated equipment that can keep up with the times. Businesses are looking for a meter that will get the job done in a timely fashion and one that will maintain integrity each and every step of the way.

When it comes to processing mail, the Hasler IN 600 AF Postage Meter has practical solutions that will give you maximum versatility. The Hasler IN 600 AF Postage Meter has a contemporary design and gives clean lines and bold edges. Add in the aluminum accents and a commitment to build and ship products out in the most of the ecological manners and you have a great machine that proudly wears the label of Hasler ECO.

Design Features

Let’s face it, today’s businesses are much faster paced than ever before. Businesses are always seeking new and innovative ways to speed things up and streamline them. It only stands to reason that this would include the mail department of the business.

When it comes down to it, a lot of a business revolves around the mail room. The Hasler IN 600 AF Postage Meter is available with a number of design features that will greatly benefit any business.

These models are designed to get the mail moving fast. Using highly efficient methods and technology that’s just what happens when you use one of these postage meters.

As an added bonus, the Hasler company is committed to being economical. They build and ship all of their products in an ecological manner. Add this to the fact that they have an entire suite of Apps with full capabilities and you have a machine that can far exceed that of traditional mail systems.

The iMeter postage meter offers you powerful apps that have a modern design and are very eco-friendly. This is a practical and versatile option if you’re in the business of needing to move mail and get it out the door quickly.

Hasler IN 600 AF Postage Meter Review

Hasler IN 600 AF Postage Meter

  • Auto Feeder
  • Auto Sealer
  • Up to 110 letters per minute
  • Auto thickness adjustment of 1/2″
  • 35 departments and accounts
  • 50 operations with pin-code protection
  • Rate wizard so you can calculate postage
  • Business apps
  • Improved mail management
  • View data online via Neopost
  • Cost savings
  • Use commercial rates
  • Track and allocate the reports
  • E-services and Electronic Return Receipts
  • Tracking
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Electronic return receipts
  • Personalize with slogans and logos
  • Custom text messages

Hasler stands out from the crowd. It allows you to personalize items and promote your business by using ad slogans as well as custom text and QR codes as well as company logos.

All of the mail systems will print out an IBI Lite Indicia which optimizes the ink yield and minimizes the need to replenish it.

The Hasler connects to the Internet and works with other smart devices as well. It offers functionality above and beyond the traditional styles of postage meters. It sends you out a low ink notification by email when the ink needs to be replenished. This can help you to simplify your reorders and know when to send them in.

It offers clean and modern lines and is a space saving design. It runs both business apps and others and you’ll find that it’s very convenient and easy to use.

Managing your postal expenses is the key to saving money for your business. You can maximize the control of your expenses from basic to enhanced with the features that are available on this machine.

You’ll get detailed reports with the Hasler Postal Accountant App. You’ll always know where to allocate and forecast your mail and what is going on at any given time. With automatic alerts and settings, you can set the budget to keep with y our budget for postage and prevent overspending.

It offers a Large Display that is easy to see and navigate. It gives you prompts and menus as well as step-by-step instructions so that you know what the rate that you should select is.

It also has an optional 10-pound weight platform. It comes with a custom stand, and a barcode scanner.

Shortcut keys will allow you to save time and reduce keystrokes.

The catch tray can catch everything from a small postcard to a 10″X13″ envelope. Simply expand the tray as required.

Is The Hasler IN 600 AF Postage Meter Right For Your Needs?

If you’re running a small, medium or large business, the Hassler IN 600 AF Postage Meter can process up to 110 pieces of mail per minute. It’s fast and easy to use and will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. See the full Hasler IN600 AF system specifications in this document to learn more. Then check out our other postage meter reviews to see which model best fits your business’ mailing needs.

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