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Also known as franking machine, a postage meter is a mechanical machine that imprints on your letter or parcel an amount of postage or postage stamp. It also marks your letter once it is cancelled or dated postmark. Mainly used for bulk mailing, postage meters are utilized by companies for their mailing needs and are regulated by the country’s postal authority. Postage stamps become the proof of payment instead of using adhesive stamps. The equipment varies on the speed of the processing, the type of materials it handled, and the capacity of its storage.


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You can refer to the general features and specifications of each postage meter type, which will help you decide what particular machine you will use for your business:

Low Capacity

  • process 16 to 20 letter per minute
  • 2-25lb integrated scale
  • track and refill postage online
  • manual feed
  • USPS rate downloads

Medium Capacity

  • process 20- 85 letters per minute
  • 15lb to 35lb integrated scale
  • online updates for domestic and international package rates
  • automatic feed
  • remote diagnostics

High Capacity

  • process 85-175 letters per minute
  • dynamic integrated scale – weigh in motion
  • electronic mail and package tracking and confirmation
  • automatic feed

Apart from the postage meter, a postage meter base is also essential for your mailing and shipping needs. Below is a list of base’s functions:

It has a feeder that lets you feed in a handful of envelopes through the meter and put the correct postage in it. There is a semi-automatic and automatic feeder, which differs on the rate of feeding speed. The fastest feeder operates at 270 letters per minute.
Its sealer moistens the flap of the envelope and closes it. It requires regular cleaning because of the glue and water present on it.

Its stacker acts as a catch tray of the envelopes after the mail is metered. A low-end stacker allows only few pieces of mail while a power stacker uses a conveyor machine to removed stamped mails away from the meter.

The tape dispenser is used to affix large or odd-shaped mails to the package. There are two varieties of tape dispensers: the pre-cut dispenser, which uses a single piece of tape and a dispenser that uses a roll of tape.

The envelope handler that is used to transport mail through the meter is what we call the base. These bases can be purchased immediately along with the meter.

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