Hasler IN700 for Mid-Range Mail Volumes

In our review of mid-range postage meters, the Hasler IN700 Series came in as one of our top picks. It boasts processing speeds of up to 140 letters per minute, and with dynamic weighing is only slowed down a bit to 75 letters per minute. It allows for either a landscape or portrait envelope orientation, and has the option for dynamic scale or differential weighing. The eco-label on this unit allows you to rest easy knowing that an investment in this model is also a good choice for the environment of our planet. The standard “sleep mode” feature means a reduced energy consumption, and savings on your part. The modern design is sleek, and smart, built to increase your office efficiency and save you both time and money on your mailings.

Hasler IN700 Postage Meter Review

Hasler IN700 Postage Meter

  • Simple navigation and intuitive color touch screen
  • Mixed size pieces processed with automatic feeder and self aligning rollers
  • Processing capabilities up to 140 letters per minute (lpm)
  • Dynamic Scale categorizes and rates mixed size mail inline
  • Short cut keys save time and provide instant job set up
  • The Rate Wizard provides concise step-by-step instructions
  • 10, 30 or 70 lb. platforms handle heavy and oversized packages
  • Differential weighing available
  • Optional keyboard
  • Up to 50 operators with pin-code protection
  • Remote label dispenser
  • Optimized ergonomic work space
  • Hasler iMeter™ postage meter
  • View mail data online
  • Cost savings on Priority Mail® and Express Mail®
  • Track, allocate and report postage usage by department, time period and postal class
  • Track, confirm, and save when processing mail utilizing USPS® Extra Services such as eDelivery Confirmation™, eSignature Confirmation™, and eCertified Mail™ with Electronic Return Receipt
  • Personalize items with ad slogans, custom text messages, QR codes or company logos
  • Easily integrates with optional EMS software for total control of your mail processing and shipping needs.


  • Mailing system with catch tray 50″ x 18″ x 13″
  • Mailing system with dynamic scale and catch tray 67″ x 18″ x 13″

This medium volume postage meter will run you in the neighborhood of $100-$200 per month. Compared with the cost savings in labor and postage, this could be a great investment for the company that is beginning to move a fairly significant volume of mail, and needs to increase the efficiency of their process. Thanks to the online postal expense manager app you are able to track, allocate, and report by class, department, and even time. Also, the commercial rates app allows you to reap the significant cost savings on Priority Mail and Express Mail. Distance tech support through remote support solutions allow you to maintain maximum uptime and also reduce travel related energy use for support. Get a better look at the rundown on all the specs in this Hasler document for the IN700. If you are looking to upgrade your current mailing process, take a few moments to find out more about the ISN 700, and what they could do for your office.


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