Hasler IN750 Handles Higher Mail Volumes

The Hasler IN750 Postage Meter mailing system is among the best devices in its class when it comes to allowing small businesses to do mass mailings in less time than ever before at a cost that most stable local businesses can afford. Whether you want to send an array of coupons to stir up business or send out invoices and bills to customers who owe your business money, this advanced postage meter mailing system can definitely fit your needs.

A Quick Review Of The Hasler IN750 Postage Meter

Hasler IN750 Postage MeterWhile it is not a device every business needs, any business or organization that finds itself needing to do bulk mailings can definitely benefit from this device and its many features intended to make the process of mass mailings easier on the people doing the mailings, and less cost prohibitive for those companies and organizations who do not have a lot of spare assets to spend on a mass mailing.

Perhaps the main feature most business owners and non-profit managers will most want to be interested in is the fact that the system runs on a very simple, easy to navigate touch screen to program in the various elements of a mailing system.

The screen is a color touch screen and operates on an intuitive interface that most employees can easily use after merely working with it for a few minutes. This intuitive interface is among the most advanced on the market and most customers of this device find that nearly all of their employees involved in mass mailings can handle this system with no supervision once they really learn how the device works.

  • Experience simple navigation with an intuitive color touch screen
  • Mixed size pieces are easily processed with the automatic feeder and self aligning rollers
  • Short cut keys save time and provide instant job set up
  • 10, 30 or 70 lb. platforms handle even the heaviest parcels and oversized packages with ease
  • Up to 50 operators with pin-code protection
  • Remote label dispenser reduces work steps and optimizes your ergonomic work space
  • Experience significant cost savings on Priority Mail® and Express Mail® when using the Commercial Rates App
  • Personalize items and help promote your business with ad slogans, custom text messages, QR codes or company logos
  • Easily integrates with optional EMS software for total control of your mail processing and shipping needs.

Additionally, the device has a system that allows for mixed size pieces of mail to be instantly and automatically feed into the system. While this allows for a wider range of mail to be sent all at the same time, Hasler ups the ante and built in self-aligning rollers that allow for mail to be quickly and easily fed into the device for processing and postage marking. The system is also among the fastest that a small business can reasonably afford, and is capable of sending out up to 175 letters in a single minute.

While this is an optimum rate than a typical rate, the system generally hovers well over a hundred letters a minute for even long and complex mailings, whatever they may be. The Dynamic Scale system built into the device allows for the system to categorize and rate mixed sized mail at upwards of 110 letters per minute, meaning that most small businesses can handle their mass mailing needs in less than an hour of effort.

The system also features an array of shortcut keys that can be programmed in to reflect the most common types of mailing your business does, whether it’s sending out invoices, bills or more unusual forms of mail. This allows for jobs to be set up faster than ever, making it a great idea for businesses that have a tendency to send out very similar kinds of letters on a regular basis. To further make the process more convenient, the system includes a process known as the Rate Wizard.

This system enables users to get step by step directions to make the United States Postal Service rate selection easier and faster than ever before. While there is definitely a cost associated with sending out a great deal of mail, the Rate Wizard systems enable the device’s owners to quickly figure out how much these mailings will cost, and allow them to customize their mail to fit the rates it could cost them to deliver it.

The system possesses a number of rate platforms to allow its users to send a wind range of parcels and oversized packages in no time. With 10 lb., 30 1b. and 70 lb. Platforms, most of the heavy parcels and packages your business needs to send out can be handled unless your business deals in unusual merchandise.

Additionally, there is a differential weighting system that allows the device to handle mailing out differently sized parcels between different mailings. Of course, with this high degree of flexibility, it should come as no surprise that businesses reliant on mail tend to prefer these systems. Be sure to check out the full brochure for the IN700 Series, including the all the specs on the Hasler IN750.


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