Postage Meter Leasing – Solutions From Top Suppliers makes it simple to lease the best postage meter for your office. There is no simpler way to connect and compare the cost of leasing options from qualified dealers like Quadient (formerly NeoPost), Pitney Bowes, Hasler, FP USA, and Data Pac.

What is the difference between renting and leasing postage meters?

The main difference between renting and leasing postage machines is the constancy of the amount of money that you pay to your lessor. Unlike being in a rental agreement, leasing assures that you will pay a flat rate for a set number of months or years. With this in mind, you can allocate a budget for your mailing and shipping expenses and you do not have to worry about any unexpected additional costs.


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Why leasing a postage meter is the more popular choice?

There are several reasons why many businesspersons choose to lease their postage meter rather than rent it:

Lease = Financing/Loan. Down payments are frequently NOT mandatory when you are leasing equipment. In simple words, leasing can be synonymous to financing these days.

Flexible Payment Terms. When you are in a leasing agreement it is easier to get a longer payment period, which means that you can have reduced fees. Also, the leasing company can simply match your monthly or annual obligations with your cash flow.

No financial limitations. Your lessor does not meddle with your financial operations. Leasing companies rarely stop their clients from obtaining new machines or acquiring more credits.

Technological Updates. When you are in a lease with a substitution provision, you can replace your old postage meter with a newer version.

Technical Support. Most lease agreements name the lessor as the responsible party for the maintenance and repair of the leased equipment. This kind of agreement protects you from unplanned expenditures and guarantees you that you will have trustworthy technicians.

What are the Leasing/Financing Options for Customers? is affiliated with more than a hundred leasing companies. We are proud to say that our partners do not have yearly increases or hidden fees in their contract terms. We keep our payment structure simple and easy to understand. It is our mission to save you from confusing and misleading policies. We prioritize your mailing needs that is why our associates offer additional benefits like free shipping and a free copy of the software, which makes reporting and accounting a lot less difficult. They also have all-in-one packages that match your financial requirements.

Above all, we do not charge an early lease termination fee. Our only request is you fulfill the conditions of the signed contract and we will never shock you with additional costs.