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Discover the efficiency and convenience of in-house postage solutions with Postage Meter Rental. Explore how your office can effortlessly print digital stamps directly on-site or online, streamlining your mailing and shipping processes. Experience significant savings on USPS services, potentially reducing costs by up to 80%, and make your mail handling tasks simpler and more cost-effective. highlights the important regulation that postage meters cannot be bought or sold; they can only be rented or leased exclusively through USPS authorized dealers. Additionally, postage rates are regulated by the Postal Service, ensuring that suppliers do not have the discretion to alter prices arbitrarily. GET STARTED NOW – SELECT ONE:


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All small business owners know how important it is to keep the ship running without delay. But even if you think you’re taking every precaution, you might be making one big mistake that costs you time and money without realizing it.

How often do you ship items from the post office? Once or twice a week? Do you have to wait in a long line each time, thinking about everything else you could be getting done right now?

Small business owners who use USPS metered mail never have to deal with that issue. They save time and money each and every day by essentially having a home post office they can use to price and ship goods at their leisure.

USPS Postage Meters

If you’ve never heard of using USPS metered mail machines before, or didn’t know it was an option for you, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about why the convenience, price, and speed of using metered mail is the right choice for your small business.


USPS Postage Meters 101

The United States Postal Service (USPS) uses postage meters as a convenient way for businesses and individuals to manage their mailing needs. These devices, which print postage directly onto envelopes or labels, are designed to streamline the process of sending mail, offering efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here’s a detailed explanation of USPS postage meters using numbers, bullets, and sub-bullets:

  1. Overview of USPS Postage Meters
    • A postage meter is a mechanical or digital device used to create and apply physical evidence of postage (or franking) to mailed items.
    • Authorized by the USPS, these meters are rented or leased, not purchased, from authorized providers.
  2. Functions of Postage Meters
    • Printing Postage: Meters print exact postage required for different mail types, weights, and destinations.
      • Eliminates the need for stamps.
      • Offers flexibility for various mail sizes and types.
    • Weighing and Measuring Mail: Advanced models include scales for accurate weighing.
      • Ensures correct postage, avoiding overpayment or underpayment.
    • Tracking and Reporting: Digital meters can track postage use and provide detailed reporting.
      • Useful for budgeting and cost control.
  3. Benefits of Using Postage Meters
    • Cost-Effective: Can offer discounts compared to traditional stamps.
    • Time-Saving: Reduces trips to the post office.
    • Convenience: Enables mailing directly from the office or home.
    • Professional Appearance: Printed postage looks more professional than stamps.
  4. Types of Meters
    • Mechanical Meters: Traditional, require manual operation.
    • Digital Meters: More advanced, with digital displays and additional features like reporting.
  5. Regulations and Compliance
    • Rental/Lease Only: Postage meters cannot be purchased; they must be rented or leased from approved vendors.
    • USPS Approval: All postage meters must be approved by USPS.
    • Regular Updates: Users must update their meters to comply with USPS rate changes.
  6. Setting Up and Using a Postage Meter
    • Installation: Set up by the vendor, including initial configuration.
    • Loading Postage: Users add funds to their meter account for printing postage.
    • Maintenance: Regular servicing by the vendor to ensure proper functioning.
  7. Costs and Payment
    • Rental Fees: Regular fees for the use of the meter.
    • Postage Costs: Users pay for the postage they print.
    • Additional Fees: Possible fees for updates, maintenance, or special features.
  8. Selecting a Postage Meter
    • Assess Needs: Consider mail volume, types of mail, and additional features needed.
    • Compare Vendors: Look at different authorized vendors, their plans, and costs.
    • Check Reviews and Support: Evaluate customer service and support options.

Understanding USPS postage meters involves recognizing their functionality, benefits, and the regulations surrounding their use. These devices are essential for businesses and individuals looking for an efficient and professional way to handle their mailing needs.


How Do I Get a USPS Postage Meter?

USPS mail metered mail machines cannot be bought and owned by private citizens because the USPS suspects the potential for abuse is too high.

Rather, someone who wishes to obtain a meter machine must first qualify for a permit to do so in their city of mailing. Then, they will be able to rent or lease a machine from a USPS-authorized provider.

Top USPS Postage Meters

After printing the necessary postage, your mail will be ready to send. You can drop the envelope or package in any USPS mailbox or drop-box that accepts mailings of that size.

Now you can see how fast this process is – you can price items one by one at home, and then simply drop them off at your convenience. No more waiting in line at the post office and having a clerk weigh and price everything all at once.

What Is the Best Postage Meter for Small Business?

The best type of USPS postage meter that will be right for you depends on a few factors. First, for your business, do you typically send letters, packages, flats, or a combination of several different kinds? And how many pieces do you mail per week?

Postage Meter Rental (PMR) offers several different sizes of USPS machines. One is meant for the smallest of businesses, with only one or two employees behind the helm. Then there are three machines that get progressively larger to handle a higher volume of mail from more people.

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Still, if your small business relies on the postal service more than most, you should consider a larger meter machine. If you’re shipping 20 large packages per day, even a Heavy Volume Printing Solutions machine could make sense for your one-person business.

Fortunately, PMR offers reviews of different models of USPS metered mail machines. Each review highlights the pros and cons of the model, make, and size of the unit.

Renting USPS Meters

PMR considers all types of business needs when reviewing machines. For example, some types of mail require commercial markings on its postage. And different sized machines can handle different maximum weights.

So whether you’re starting from scratch or whether you’re a USPS meter pro, it’s a good idea to browse these reviews before making a decision about which meter to rent or lease.


Do USPS Postage Meters Save Me Money?

The short answer is yes, and how much is dependent on how much mail you send. The more mail sent means more savings.

Many small business owners don’t know that there are differences between USPS stamped vs. metered mail. You can take advantage of this to save on postage.

If you primarily send letters for your business, you will save 5 cents on postage per letter. Metered mail costs 50 cents per stamp, as opposed to 55 cents at the post office.

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That doesn’t sound like much, right? But it really adds up over time.

For every 100 letters you send, you’ll save $5. If you send 7800 letters in one year, which is an average of 150 letters per week – a normal or even low amount for some businesses – you’ll save $390 per year.

Imagine what you could do with an extra $400 each year. You could finally replace a broken piece of equipment, or up the number of your bulk supply purchases for even more savings.

Benefits of a USPS Meter Machine

You’ll also save money by avoiding the risk of miscalculating your postage. For example, it’s possible to buy postage online for packages, but if you do so, USPS encourages you to round up the weight of your package in order to ensure you’re paying enough in postage fees.

However, if you’re using USPS metered mail, you’ll have the package’s exact weight right there in your hands. There’s no need to estimate or to use a scale not attached to a USPS approved machine.

USPS Metered Mail

A meter machine will weigh your package and assign the exact USPS postage price just as they do at the post office. So each time you send a package, you’ll be paying only the USPS rates for metered mail, and not a cent more.

With metered mail, you also avoid the penalties levied by the USPS due to miscalculated postage prices. If your package or letter has less postage than it should, you could be fined and the mail will be delayed in reaching its destination.

Postage Meter Brands - Logos

Not only are you losing out when you have to pay a fine, but delayed mail can lead to lost customers on your end.

Finally, you’ll be saving time and money by increasing your efficiency. A postal meter machine will stamp everything you need much more quickly than if you took it to the post office yourself. And you can do it on your own schedule – you don’t have to fit it in normal business hours.

Automating a time-consuming task such as stamping envelopes will free up your schedule to address other business needs. These costs are difficult to quantify, but your time is valuable, and a meter machine will give some of it back to you.

How Much Does a USPS Postage Meter Cost?

Again, this is highly dependent on the size of your business and the typical volume of the mail you regularly send.

As stated earlier, it’s not possible to buy a meter machine – you must rent or lease it from a USPS-authorized retailer, such as Postage Meter Rental.

When considering which meter machine is right for you, it’s important to consider the monthly fees associated with each size and model. PMR can help with this process by supplying you with quotes for different machines.

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Depending on your chosen meter, you could pay as little as $20 or as much as $1000 per month in rental fees, although it averages around $100-200 monthly. It sounds costly, but it’s important to measure this cost against the savings a meter provides.

Consider the above example, where you’d save $390 per year on postage for letters alone. If you choose a small meter and pay $20 per month to rent, that’s $240 per year. The savings have already outweighed the cost of the machine.

You should also factor in the amount and frequency of different types of mail you send. If you only send a few packages per month, it’s probably not worth it to lease a bigger, more expensive meter that can weigh packages. At that point, it’s more cost-effective to go to the post office once a month.


How Long Is a Postmark Good For?

According to the USPS guidelines, when you use a meter machine to postmark an item, it’s required to be mailed on the same day. This implies that as a business owner, you need to ensure that your items are placed in a mailbox or dropbox by midnight of the day they are stamped.

It’s important to note that USPS collections typically don’t extend beyond early afternoon. Additionally, be mindful of weekends and holidays which could affect the timing of mail collection.

USPS offers a degree of leniency for errors in metered mail. Specifically, you’re allowed to reprint a mailing label once at no extra cost if you need to correct it. So, if you find yourself unable to drop off your mail as planned, you can reprint the label with a new date.

Postage Meter

However, there is no third chance. If you’ve already corrected the postage label once, you can’t do it again, and you’ll need to pay for new postage in order to stamp the correct date on your mail.

It’s crucial to be aware of this restriction so that you don’t end up paying for postage twice. Just as small savings add up over time, so do small expenses.

To avoid this, consider sending your mail in bulk on a day when you know you’ll have time. You can set aside all of your mail until that day, then postmark everything at once and immediately put it in a mailbox.

What’s the Difference Between Metered Mail and Stamped Mail?

In many ways, there’s no difference! And that’s a big plus for small business owners.

What that means is that USPS metered mail machines have all of the capabilities of the US Postal Service. You can choose any class of mail for your items in order to control the postage price and how long the delivery will take.


Postage Machines For Medium Sized Jobs

Once a package or letter is in the system, it will be treated exactly the same whether it has a physical stamp or a machine printed the postage directly onto it. The postal service’s sorting and scanning equipment does not distinguish between the two.

There’s one major difference, however, which is also a pro for business owners. As mentioned earlier, meter machines will calculate your postage down to the ounce, ensuring you’re paying exactly the correct price. You won’t need to worry about overpaying for postage when using the machine.


Get Started With a USPS Metered Mail Machine

Now you know that when you invest in a meter machine, the benefits will vastly outweigh the costs. You’ll save money, time, and effort in being able to automate this process from your home or office.

Postage Meter Rental is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in upgrading their small business with a USPS metered mail machine.

Whether you’re ready to pounce, or you’re still not sure, reach out for a free quote today. PMR has the expert knowledge to recommend you the best possible meter machine for the lowest price. Let them help you find the right solution for your small business.


USPS Postage Meters Buyer’s Guide

A USPS postage meter is an essential tool for small businesses and individuals who want to streamline their mailing processes. This guide will answer some common questions about mailing permits, permit imprints, and the best postage meters for small businesses. We’ll also discuss the top official postage meter suppliers in the United States.

What is a mailing permit?

A mailing permit is an authorization issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to businesses or individuals, allowing them to use a specific postage payment method for bulk mailings. This permit grants users the ability to save money and time by prepaying and printing postage directly onto mailpieces using a postage meter.

What is a permit imprint?

A permit imprint is a printed marking on a mail piece that indicates postage has been paid by the sender. It replaces the need for adhesive stamps or metered postage, and is typically used for bulk mailings. The permit imprint includes the permit number, mailing class, postage rate, and USPS-required text, such as “US Postage Paid.”

What are the best postage meters for small businesses?

Some of the best postage meters for small businesses include:

  1. Pitney Bowes SendPro C Lite: This compact and user-friendly device is perfect for small businesses with lower-volume mailing needs. It allows users to weigh packages, print postage, and track shipments.
  2. FP Mailing Solutions PostBase Mini: Ideal for small businesses with moderate mailing volumes, the PostBase Mini offers an intuitive touch screen, customizable user interface, and integrated scale.
  3. Quadient IN-360: With a modern design and advanced features, the Quadient IN-360 can handle higher mailing volumes and includes an integrated scale, a full-color touch screen, and customizable app shortcuts.
  4. Data-Pac DIB: This digital postage meter is designed for small businesses with moderate to high mailing volumes. It features a user-friendly interface, an integrated scale, and advanced ink management.

Who are the top official postage meter suppliers in the United States? The top official postage meter suppliers in the United States are:

  1. Pitney Bowes: A global technology company, Pitney Bowes offers various postage meter options and mailing solutions, including the SendPro series.
  2. FP Mailing Solutions: A leading provider of postage meters and mailing equipment, FP Mailing Solutions offers devices such as the PostBase series.
  3. Quadient: Previously known as Neopost, Quadient provides innovative mailing solutions and postage meters, including the IN series.
  4. Data-Pac: A company specializing in digital mailing solutions and postage meters, Data-Pac offers devices like the DIB series.

When choosing a USPS postage meter, consider the mailing volume and specific needs of your small business. Look for features such as integrated scales, user-friendly interfaces, and customizable options. Be sure to choose a reliable supplier, such as Pitney Bowes, FP Mailing Solutions, Quadient, or Data-Pac, to ensure a smooth mailing experience.