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Solve all of your mailing, shipping, and meter mail problems with the a quality USPS postage meter solution found though Postage Meter Rental. Learn how your office can print digital stamps with an in-house postage machine or online without leaving the office while reduces your cost for USPS services by up to 80%. wants to emphasize that no one can buy or sell a postage meter. Again, postage meters can ONLY be rented or leased by USPS authorized dealers. Postage rates are also monitored by the Postal Service so the suppliers cannot change the prices at their whim.


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Though the manufacturers do not have any say to the postage cost, USPS modifies the rates from time to time, which means that you also need to update your postage scale. If you do not want to pay $175 (for example) for an update, you have three options: get rate insurance, buy a digital scale or rent/lease a postage meter equipped with digital scale. You will pay a fixed price annually when you purchased insurance while you can just download an update for your scale when you bought the digital version.

You might be wondering what is the difference between a postage meter and a postage scale. The full discussion about the meter is on our Postage Meter Equipment page, but as an overview, a postage meter is a machine that prints postage on mail or packages. A postage scale measures the weight of your letters and it tells you how much postage you should use. It can be manual or digital. Most of the time, postage meters already have built-in digital scales.

You cannot buy a postage meter but it doesn’t mean that you cannot save money. already told you the great ways to minimize the cost or no cost at all for your postage scale update. Now, let us give you more because more tips means more money in your pocket!

Give your PC Postage provider a try. This is for you if you spend below $50 for your postage every month and you would like to explore a more efficient mailing system. Your PC postage provider enables you to print postage using your own computer and printer. By using their service, you don’t need to pay for rent or lease and maintenance of the traditional postage machine. Yet, this is only cost-effective for small volumes of letters and packages. If you need to put postage on 60 mails per minute, it is a must to have a postage meter.

Pre-Pay. If you can, buy postage upfront from your dealer. Some of the dealers give additional postage when you pre-pay.

Shop Around. Since you cannot purchase a postage meter, it is important to compare the rental fees each supplier is charging. Through our efficient quoting tool you can easily spot the dealer whom you think will give you the best service with the lowest cost.

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