Neopost IS-480 for Higher Mail Volumes

The simple “Load’n Go” on this postage system means that you can eliminate forever the chore of manually sorting your mail by weight, size, or thickness. Our review found this to be one of the biggest time saving factors with this machine, and at speeds of up to 150 lpm (letters per minute), you’re going to get an awful lot done in a lot less time. Oh, did I mention that was stamped, sealed, sorted, and ready to go at 150/min?

One of the other things you’ll notice, or rather won’t notice, is the sound – this thing is very quiet compared to some of the other machines tested out. The full color touchscreen with smart functions and intuitive menu prompts make this easy to use on the first go, and the short cut keys make it even more efficient for the frequent user. Selecting the ‘last rates used’, is a nice feature, and the built-in Rate Wizard acts as a nice fail-safe to fall back on.

Neopost IS-480 Postage Meter Review

Neopost IS-480 Image

  • Up to 150 letters per minute
  • Up to 9 Imprint Memories
  • Processing capabilities up to 150 letters per minute (lpm)
  • Automatic Tape Dispenser
  • Maximum Envelope size of 254 x 330 mm
  • The Rate Wizard provides concise step-by-step instructions
  • 3, 5, 10 or 35 kg platforms handle heavy and oversized packages
  • Inline weighing speed (dynamic scale) 90 lpm
  • Maximum envelope thickness 16 mm
  • Remote access to postal and dept usage
  • Adjustable water flow for seal
  • Includes a convenient Bar Code Scanner
  • Automatic Mixed-Size Feeder
  • Wide Feed Deck processes large envelopes in either portrait or landscape formats.
  • Function Shortcut Keys offer operational efficiency
  • PiP Compliant Dynamic Scale automatically categorizes based on shape and weight
  • Intuitive Colour Touchscreen provides simple navigation, minimizes keystrokes and improves efficiency with one touch selection
  • Personalize mail with custom advertising, text, or graphics
  • Mix It Up – IS-480 Will Sort It and Seal It!


  • Mailing system 1219 x 442 x 324 mm
  • Mailing system with dynamic scale 1657 x 442 x 324 mm

Check out this video of the IS-480 in action

Can you hear it?

This medium to higher volume postage meter is going to cost you somewhere between $100-$200 per month, depending on whether you choose the basic or a higher service level. As long as you have a high enough mail volume to justify having a machine like this, the investment is almost always surely worth it in terms of time savings and postage costs. The dynamic weighing platform option on this system adds an extra level of convenience to an already efficient system. Print custom graphics, advertising messages, or other text on your outgoing mail and impress your mail recipients.You can see the technical specs on the IS-480 here. If you need a slightly higher volume processing postage machine, take a few minutes to check out the IS-480 to see if it is a good fit for your office needs.


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