Neopost IS-440 Postage Meter Review – A Powerful Office Tool

5 Star Postage Machine

The Neopost postage meter model IS-440 is a top of the line solution to streamline your office metered mail. From it’s “Smart Start” technology to integrated automatic label dispenser feature this machine got a 5 start rating in our review. In a nut shell you can expect seriously improved efficiency in your mailing processes and reduced postage cost from the start.

Neopost IS-440 Postage Meter

  • Top of the line postage meter delivers killer speeds of 95 letters per minute with an automatic feeder as standard
  • Data is password-protected with departmental accounting.
  • Pin point weighing & mail rating with complete accuracy.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Neopost folder inserters
  • Weighing options from 3 – 35kg allow you to process the mail items of all types

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