Neopost IN-750 for Mid to High Volume Mailings

Improving mailing operations should be a key priority for any growing business looking to increase its revenue generation abilities. Latest research from consultancy firm McKinsey & Company shows a direct correlation between improvement of mailing operations and overall revenue. Using a highly efficient and easy to use postage meter, such as the Neopost IN-750 will allow any business to take a powerful step forward in gaining significant market share over competitors.

The Neopost IN-750 is one of the most efficient postage meters, being able to process 175 letters per minute. This high-volume processing exhibited from the meter will greatly improve mailing systems within a company, allowing for resources to be allocated to other departments.

Another feature of the postage meter is its ability to process a huge range of different sized pieces. Lots of managers have complained that many postage meters are often limited and restrictive in their ability to handle different sized pieces. The IN-750 has addressed such concerns by being one of the most flexible postage meters, having been designed to handle anything from very small to very large pieces.

Neopost IN-750 Postage Meter Review

IN-750 Mailing System Review

  • Intuitive Color Touch Screen Provides Simple Navigation
  • Use online myNeopost To View Mail Data
  • Experience Up To 175 lpm (letters per minute) Processing Capabilities
  • Step-by-step Instructions With The Rate Wizard Make USPS® Rate Selection Easy
  • Get Pin-Code Protection For Up To 50 operators
  • Use Ad Slogans, Custom Text Messages, QR Codes or Company Logos To Promote Your Business
  • Use The Commercial Rates App And Experience Significant Cost Savings
  • Instant Job Set Up With Short Cut Keys Saves You Time
  • Handle Even The Heaviest Parcels and Oversized Packages With Ease On 10, 30 or 70 lb. Scales


What are some of the core features?

Marketing and customization are vital to brand image and brand differentiation, two concepts highly pertinent to today’s digital age. Hence, the IN-750 now also allows for a wide range of image, logo and message customization options for many different pieces. This means the option to add company logos as well as personalized messages to customers in order to boost reputation within the market.

The IN-750, with its broad range of features, would be assumed to have a very sophisticated design that would require lots of research to be appropriately used. This certainly isn’t the case. Neopost has dedicated tremendous effort in ensuring the ease of use of the IN-750, allowing for those new to the system to utilize it without needing to spend countless hours reading manuals. This way, companies can once again save resources without having to extensively train employees to learn how to use mailing systems.

Cost savings are abundant when using the IN-750, at highly competitive rates of 47 cents for First-Class postage, companies can significantly improve net income. Lots of research has suggested that it’s through small, yet high volume operating costs that many businesses fail to maximize their profit capabilities. The extra margins that may be paid on more expensive postage rates with other mailing systems easily add up over time, sometimes leading to significant impacts on profitability.

Either leasing the Neopost IN-750 or renting it will lead to improved profit margins through the large cost savings generated from using this postage meter. The highly competitive rates that are observed from using this postage meter, in addition to the meter itself being competitively priced compared to other postage meters, makes it very impressive from a profitability standpoint.

IN-750 Mailing System with scanner and stacker

Powerful software also drives the IN-750 to improve efficiencies further. The NeoStats application that is available with the postage meter allows for highly accurate tracking of costs for all the mail that has been processed. Inferior postage meters will only provide rough estimates of costs that are often highly dependent on interpretation. No such thing occurs due to NeoStats providing some of the most precise and technically sound cost data seen in modern mailing systems.

In addition, the myNeopost and Neopost iMeter software allows for highly effective monitoring and analysis of operations. These two applications combined enable all mail data to be collected and then collated in an easy to understand, yet highly technical manner. Further, the applications show a range of data concerning relevant variables to the mailing operations as a whole. Hence, the data presented through these applications allow for both large and small-scale analysis of mailing operations.

The Neopost IN-750 is readily available for either lease or rent and is surprisingly suited for businesses ranging from small to large. Because of the highly efficient capabilities of the postage meter, especially when it comes to its physical processing speeds, it is suitable for many different businesses.

Overall, the IN-750 is a standout postage meter that has the perfect combination of practicality and technical astuteness. The high processing speeds, combined with competitive rates and low cost to rent or lease mean it is economically profound. Further, applications such as NeoStats and myNeopost allow management to gain much more understanding and control over mailing operations like never before. See the a full list of IN- 750 specifications and side-by-side comparison with the sister model here.

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Already have the IN-750 and just looking for a user’s manual?

Here is the user manual for the IN-750 in pdf format.

And here is the online IN-750 user guide at NeoPost.

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