Neopost IS-6000 Postage Meter Review

Neopost IS-6000 Mailing Systems offer a product uniquely designed with input from high-volume mailing system operators. It seems like a no-brainer that it would be able to do some things better than most, but what’s the reality?

In the following review, we’ll be looking at how IS-6000 stands out from others on the market and who stands the most to benefit from it. First, however, let’s examine some of its key features.

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Neopost IS-6000 Postage MeterWhat Are the Key Features?

Neopost has packed its high-volume mailing system with a number of design and operational features that carve an impressive stature in the office. Some of the standouts are as follows:

  • Mixed mail feeder: postcards, nested, and non-nested envelopes all make it through the feeder system without tripping over themselves and can do batch-processing up to 300 letters per minute.
  • Dynamic scale: can weigh, rate, and classify up to 140 letters per minute with a high degree of accuracy while conforming to USPS standards for shape-based pricing.
  • Sealing system: because who wants to lick or manually wet-swipe 300 letters per minute?
  • Weighing platform: interchangeable platforms from 10-70 pounds ensure IS-6000 can handle packages of every size.
  • Full keyboard and color touchscreen: versatility for interacting with the machine is a key component to entering data and pulling reports.
  • Power conveyor stacker: syncs up with the feeder to reduce any log jams along the way.

How Does It Stand Out?

Neopost mailing systems, particularly the IS-6000, stand out in two big ways compared to other similar products. For starters, feeder capacity up to 300 letters per minute, or five per second, means mechanical force that’s second to none.

The stacker syncing is another positive built to ensure smooth operation through every step of the process. Likewise, the interchangeable weighing platforms promote better batch-processing across the board regardless of package size.

Who Is It For?

A postage meter makes sense for businesses that don’t have time to get to the post office, but when you’re a business that does high-volume mail, it’s critical. The 140 letters per minute that IS-6000 can do accurately in terms of weighing, rating, and classifying are astounding. It’s basically a mailroom in less than five feet of space.

What Are the Most Common Issues?

As post meters go, the IS-6000 pretty much does its job without complaint. However, you may occasionally experience issues like:

  • Label stoppages and jams
  • Weighing discrepancies
  • Error codes
  • Envelope stoppages and jams

Fortunately, the company has a detailed manual online for troubleshooting purposes. It also has multiple offices throughout the country that can respond in-person.

Some Final Considerations Before Investing in Neopost IS-6000 Mailing Systems

The Neopost IS-6000 Mailing Systems are solid additions to the best postage meter discussion. You’ll just need to examine whether your company’s growth pattern is in a position to benefit from such a high-volume capacity and whether the efficiencies will cover the extra costs.

Best of luck as you do your research! If you’re at a place where you believe you can benefit from postage meter options, consider getting a rental quote for free.

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