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The Ultimate Guide to USPS Postage Meter Rentals

Are you looking to rent a postage meter? Read here for a simple guide that will answer all your questions when it comes to USPS postage meter rentals.

The USPS delivers approximately 472.1 million pieces of mail per day, making it the largest postal service in the world. It’s a reliable and powerful institution that realizes you don’t always enjoy using it.

Postage meter rentals let you send out your own mail instead of going to the post office.

These machines choose the right amount of stamps, never overcharge you, and help you get your packages where they need to go.

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What Is a USPS Postage Meter?

A USPS postage meter is a machine that prints postage onto your mailpiece or a meter tape. It proves that you’ve paid your postage and allows you to send your mail off.

These machines have several crucial components, including the printer, feeder, stacker, sealer, and scale.

The most important part of any postage meter is its printer because it prints your postage. The scale weighs your package to determine how much postage is needed.

The feeder is where your letters are counted and sorted, and its speed depends on its size. The stacker catches envelopes when they exit the feeder. It either places them on a stack or uses a conveyor belt.

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The sealer seals your envelopes for you so you never have to lick them again.

All you have to do to use a postage meter is pay the right amount of money, use the machine to print the stamp, and place it on the envelope or package.

How Can I Rent a USPS Postage Meter?

It’s impossible to buy a postage meter. If you obtain a permit, fill out an application, and pay your first $200 payment, you can rent one from a licensed provider. They’ll help you install it and set it up and come to maintain and inspect it regularly.

There are certain rules about what you can and can’t mail with a postage meter. You can’t mail periodicals, and bulk and pre-sorted first-class mail also require a trip to the post office.

Postage meter rental costs an average of $200 per year, not including the cost of your mail. Save money by writing the meter rental fees off as a business expense when tax time arrives.

Why Should I Rent a USPS Postage Meter?

The benefits of postage meter rentals include saving time and money, increasing efficiency, avoiding the pitfalls of the USPS, creating branding, increasing professionalism, and preventing lost packages.

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You’ll save time and money by using a postage meter instead of going to the post office every time you want to mail a letter or package.

Businesses that send 20-100 pieces of mail will only spend $20 a month compared to $338 per month without the meter. You’ll save $0.05 for each piece of mail that weighs 3.5 ounces or less and only pay $0.50 per first-class package that weighs an ounce or less.

Having a meter reduces your staffing hours, saving you even more money. Their automated systems help your business run more efficiently and increase profits.

While the USPS is typically efficient and reliable, having your own meter helps you avoid the problems caused by using it, such as:

  • Inaccurately measured shipments
  • Over or undercharging you or your customers
  • Sending items to the wrong address

Direct mail accounts for the largest portion of US advertising spending. It increases response rates by 5-9 times, and 39% of customers purchase from a brand for the first time after receiving mail from them.

A postage meter is a useful marketing tool because it allows you to print customized messages as well as branded stamps or labels on everything you ship out.

USPS postage meters ensure that your packaging looks professional with proper handwriting and the right names and addresses. This creates a positive association with your brand in the mind of your customers.

Every piece of mail you send through a postage meter is automatically tracked so that you know when it’s arrived at the post office or its destination. You’ll never lose a package again, which keeps customers happy and protects your inventory.

How Can I Choose the Right Postage Meter?

There are several factors you’ll need to consider to help you pick the best meter.

Start by considering how much mail volume you send out per day. Next, consider how much money you spend on postage per day. The more time and money your business spends on this one component, the more of a worthwhile investment a USPS meter will be.

One of the most difficult factors to calculate is how much time and energy you spend on sending mail. Try to determine how much time you spend going back and forth to the post office and how long you wait there to complete the process.

After you’ve considered these factors, it’s time to choose a meter. They’re categorized as either low, medium, or high-capacity.

Low-capacity meters:

  • Use a manual feed
  • Can handle 16-20 letters per minute
  • Include a 2-25 pound scale
  • Are best for small businesses

Medium-capacity meters:

  • Use an automatic feed
  • Can handle 20-85 letters per minute
  • Include a 15-35 pound scale
  • Are best for small to medium-sized businesses

High-capacity meters:

  • Use an automatic feed
  • Can handle 85-175 letters per minute
  • Include a dynamic scale
  • Are best for large businesses

Capacity isn’t the only choice you’ll have to make; you’ll also have to decide between a digital, internet, or stamp-based meter.

Digital options print postage using an inkjet cartridge and offer a 2D barcode for extra security. They cost approximately $10-$200 per month depending on their capacity.

An internet meter lets you print from your computer, and the newest ones let you pay for postage online using PayPal or eBay. Stamp-based meters print from the machine itself. Both options cost $15-$30 per month.

Remember to get a quote to confirm the price and features of the meter before committing.

Where Can I Find The Best Postage Meter Rentals?

Postage meter rentals can help any business, especially one that spends a large portion of its time and money on sending out mail. They’re a cost-effective way to send out large volumes without the need to go back and forth to and from the post office. They’ll help ensure your shipments are accurate and can create branded messages to use as a market tool.

Choosing the right meter and the best provider to rent it from is the best way to get the most from your investment. Request a quote today.

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