postage meters for small business

The USPS delivers more mail than any other postal service in the world.

Delivering to over 157 million addresses, everyone in the U.S. has access to postal products and services.

While a first-class stamp does get a letter anywhere in the U.S. for the same price no matter what the distance is, stamps don’t always stay on the envelope. There is actually a Dead Letter Office where envelopes and packages that lose their postage go.

Instead of worrying about the dreaded DOL, continue reading to learn how you can use postage meters for small business.

Make Your Shipping Smarter by Using Postage Meters for Small Business

We spend time working and planning our business budgets but let money fly out the door every time we put a stamp on an envelope. With the cost of stamps increasing on a regular basis, the same letter we mailed a few years ago isn’t going anywhere with that 32-cent postage.

What do you do if you don’t want to waste money on postage?

Having a postage meter in your small business is a smart decision whether you are sending 10, 100 or 1,000 packages per month. Instead of paying for a stamp, you can pay only for what you use.

Even a saving of 10 or 15 cents per package is helpful but you may save even more money than a few cents depending on what you’re shipping. As you’ll see in the information below, there are big saving available to metered postage users.

What Types of Businesses Use These Machines?

Any business that needs to send packages and letters can benefit from using a postage machine. Not only do you benefit by avoiding long lines at the post office, but it streamlines your company’s shipping processes and gives you another opportunity to get your brand out there.

Did you know you can put your branding on your shipping label? Every piece of mail you’re sending without your branding on it is a wasted opportunity. When you use one of these machines, you can capitalize on this opportunity to build a relationship with your customers through branded labels.

Some of the businesses that use these machines are:

  • Veterinarians
  • Auto parts stores
  • Bookstores
  • Electronics stores

Any business that wants convenience and cost saving should look into one of these machines.

How Much Money Can a Postage Meter Machine Save My Business?

Using a postage machine gives you a better rate on your postage. In 2019, you will pay 3 cents less when using metered posting than using a stamp when Order No. 3610 takes place. These new prices are to encourage more people to use metered mail vs. stamps.

Depending on the deal you work out with your postage meter supply professional, you can make your money back on your machine pretty quickly.

While you can’t buy one of these machines, you can lease them. Prices range from as low as $20 all the way up to over $1,000 per month. If your company needs high-volume processing power, you’re going to have to pay for it.

Most small businesses aren’t sending thousands of pieces of mail so the cost isn’t very high. The low cost of machine rental makes the time it takes to recoup your investment very low.

Getting a good idea of what you want before you contact a salesperson can put you in a better position. Having an idea of what you want, pricing and options will enable you to have a knowledgeable conversation about your options.

Importance of Saving Money as a Small Business

Many small businesses start out of the owner’s garage. Not only that, the money used to get the business started comes out of the owner’s pocket.

If this is the case with you, every penny that you save on postage makes a world of difference. When the business is doing well, your personal finances are doing well. When your business needs a bailout, that’s on you.

Saving on postage is a smart way to keep extra money around for a rainy day.

How to Choose the Best Machine for Your Needs

There are two types of postage meters. One type is the digital meter and the other is the internet and stamp based meter.

Digital meters print your postage using an inkjet cartridge. The ink that the meter uses is a special ink. You also get special security since it uses a two-dimensional barcode to identify the destination and sender.

This type of machine rents for around $10 to $200 per month. Depending on its capacity, it could cost more.

Internet and stamp-based meters are the other type of machine. You use them to print postage from your computer or a stamp printer. You may have seen the newer technology that lets PayPal or eBay users print postage through an online postage solution that is 100% browser based.

These machines cost between $15 to $30 per month to rent.

Another way to determine which machines are going to cost you the most is by looking at their capacity. The more capacity the machine has, the more it is going to cost. Keep in mind that these costs do not include the actual cost to send the packages.

While the rental fee may cut into savings, you will still save much more than what you are putting out to rent the machine.

Using a Product that Works for You

If you aren’t familiar with these products, you may want to speak with a professional to get help choosing the best product for you. While you’re getting quotes, explain your business needs and the best options will be presented to you.

When you’re looking at postage meters for small business, not every business is going to need the same machine.

Now that you understand how these machines save your business money and make business easier, contact us and request a quote. We will be glad to help you choose the right machine for your needs.

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