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Should Your Business Invest in a Postage Meter Machine?

Postal MetersHave you been considering a postage meter but can’t decide to bite the bullet or not? Worry no more! Check out this article to find out for yourself if you should invest in a postage meter machine today!

You own a small business. You’ve mailed a few things here and there, but not that much. As your business grows, though, you’re going to have to figure out the logistics of how to the items you need to mail out the door.

You’ve heard about postage meters, but aren’t really sure how they work. And how do you even go about getting one?

You’re thinking about it, but you’re finding it difficult to decide whether you should bite the bullet and invest in a postage meter machine, or just keep making trips to the post office.

Well, worry no more.

In this post, we’ll shed some light on what a postage meter machine is and give you some insight into how one can benefit your business, so you can come to a decision quickly.

What Is a Postage Meter Machine?

While you might not be one hundred percent sure of what metered mail is, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered it before. Have you ever seen a piece of mail that, instead of having a stamp on it, it has a printed design with a postage amount on it? It looks a little bit like this.

As you can see in the example, the postal meter provides a stamp, proof of postage, and postmark in one easy print, thanks to the postage meter machine.

One thing to note, though, is that in the United States, you can’t buy a postage meter. You’ll have to lease or rent one from a dealer that is authorized by the USPS. Postage is a form of currency, which explains why the postal service regulates the distribution and use of postage meter machines.

Types of Postage Meter Machines

Office Postage MeterThe volume of mail you send out and the size of your business should determine what type of postage meter will suit your needs best. From one model to another, the features in a postage meter machine may vary, but the baseline is fairly similar.

Small Postage Meter Machine

These are best for businesses that send out a small volume of mail each week. Typically, small meters can accommodate anywhere from 15 to 40 letters each minute, feature a built-in scale weighing up to 10 pounds, and give you the option to design a custom graphic image for your postage.

Medium Postage Meter Machine

These are best for businesses sending out a large volume of mail each week.

Medium meters are semi-automatic, can accommodate anywhere from 100 to 200 letters each minute, and can handle mail in different sizes and shapes. Additionally, scales weigh up to 15 pounds, but you can add an external scale that weighs up to 100 pounds if you wish. And like their smaller counterparts, you can also customize postage.

Large Postage Meter Machine

Large meters are best suited for big corporations who send mass amounts of mail out each week. These meters have the largest number of features and functions.

What Are The BenefitsWhat Are the Benefits of Investing in a Postage Meter?

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits, so you can decide if leasing or rent a meter is right for your business.

Lower Mailing Costs

Purchasing regular stamps adds up quickly. To save money, you may be printing stamps online…but that only saves so much. To reap the greatest financial benefit for your business, invest in a postal meter. You’ll be able to save even more without sacrificing the quality of your mailings.

And, if you opt for a postal meter which allows for financial reporting, you can calculate exactly what you’ve saved versus buying both traditional and/or online stamps.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Business owners are always looking for ways to make their business run more efficiently, aren’t they?

If your business sends out a medium to a large volume of mailings each week, investing in a postal meter can have a positive impact on both your productivity and efficiency. Leasing or renting a postage meter will allow you to automate time-consuming tasks either partially or fully, depending on the meter machine you choose. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing addresses on the envelope
  • Placing stamps
  • Packing envelopes
  • Sealing envelops

With some (or all) of these tasks being automated, you can reallocate resources to other urgent tasks or different areas of the business.

Commercial Postal MetersProfessionalism

Chicken scratch handwriting doesn’t exactly portray a professional image, does it? No, but mail with a typed address and custom designed stamp does. If your business is small and you’re still working to build a loyal base of customers, the added professionalism provided by a postal meter can really benefit you.

On top of giving you a professional look, using a postage meter can reduce the number of mistakes in your mailings. It can also lower the change of postage being incorrect, having a positive impact on delivery rates.

Brand Recognition

Postage meter machines can also help you further the recognition of your brand. Thanks to custom-printed designs on your postage, your customers will easily be able to recognize and recall your brand.

Whether you use text, images, your logo, or all three, you can promote your brand, other projects, and make a lasting impression on customers.


With the many different sizes of postage meter machines and the wide variety of added features and benefits, it’s easy to find a machine to suit the needs of your business – big or small.

And, because you don’t own the postage meter, it’s easy to trade up for the next size when you need to, without having to worry about reselling the device.

Buy a Postage Meter Machine Today

Given all of the amazing benefits we’ve mentioned, there are many reasons why you should invest in a postage meter machine today.

Don’t wait any longer to make your purchase. Invest today, and start saving as soon as the device arrives at your business.

Take a look at USPS postage meter solutions online right here. We know you’ll find the right one for your business.

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