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Postage Meter Tips and Tricks

It’s true that the Digital Era has changed communication forever. Still, don’t underestimate the value of a well-crafted postcard or a printed promotional flyer.

Consider the fact that even though we don’t rely on printed mail as much, the national mail volume increased last year. In 2020, only 129.2 billion pieces of mail were sent out, which jumped up to 129.9 billion pieces in 2021.

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That’s why so many businesses, of all sizes, invest in a postage meter. If you’re going to be doing any kind of consistent mailing, your company will need one, too. Keep reading, then, for all of the tips and tricks, you’ll need to know in order to make the most of your future postage meter.

The Benefits of a Postage Meter

With a rented postage meter, your business can alleviate the hassle of purchasing sticky stamps. No longer will your team have to place them one by one. A postage meter weighs and stamps each mailed item for you instead.

Users will place a single mailing item on a scale for the postage meter machine to measure. This will calculate its weight and determine how much to charge for each stamped postage item.

When the meter has the value, a stamp will be prepared for your mass mailing items. One great feature of some postage meters is that businesses can also include a logo or other branding on the stamp design.

Modern postage readers might have automatic feeders that allow the user to hand multiple pailing items at once into the machine, too. This makes the process go by faster and easier.

Consider how many trips to the post office you will save your team, too! You can use your postage meter at any time of the day, saving you a real headache in scheduling efforts.

The convenience and cost-effectiveness of renting a postage meter are worth your investment. For more details, check out these frequently asked questions regarding postage meters.

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The Cost of Renting a Postage Meter

The cost of individual sticky stamps for a mass mailing campaign can really add up. The cost of labor to place each stamp on a letter or postcard adds to that even more. Plus, using a postage meter can qualify you for postage discounts that will offset the cost of renting in the first place.

It’s true that you can’t buy a postage meter outright – you can only rent them. This, though, ensures that your postage continues to stay compliant and efficient. As postage regulations change over the years, your postage meter service provider will be tasked with keeping your company up-to-date.

Perhaps you already have a mailing campaign budget prepared. You know how much mail you need to send on a consistent basis, and you’ve calculated how much that will cost each time.

Well, if you included postage meter rates in your budget, would that overall cost over time decrease? Most postage meter service providers will work with you regarding your budget expectations. It’ll be up to you to work with them regarding what kind of financing/rental package would be ideal for your business’s needs.

Depending on the size of the machine, most postage meters can be rented for between $30 and $70 each month. Build this regular cost into your mailing campaign budget to see if it’s worth your time and resources.

How to Get an Authorized Postage Meter for Your Business

If you’re interested in getting a postage meter, you’ll want to build a solid reputation with your chosen manufacturer. Working with them will ensure you’re sending your large mailing campaigns in the most effective and affordable way.

They will be the ones you go to when the meter malfunctions or needs a refill of stamping ink. You’ll also work with them to set up your business’s ideal meter rental according to expected mailed items and your budget. You might sign a contract for one to five years of using a postage meter for your company.

You might already have a thorough understanding of the different mailing classes. These include categories such as nonprofit, first-class, etc. If you haven’t worked with these mailing classes enough before, take the time to do your research about the requirements for mailing them accordingly.

Please note that metered commercial mail needs to be dropped off at the post office where the meter is registered. You wouldn’t put your mailing campaign in the hands of a regular carrier. For more details about the postage meter permit you’ll need, refer to the official United States Post Office web page.

Tips for Using Your Postage Meter

Perhaps the most time-consuming part of any mailing campaign is that of preparing the mail. Consider your basic mailing needs. Be willing to ask your postage meter service provided any questions to help you plan these campaigns well.

Not every postage meter is going to have an automatic feeder. Some might have semi-automatic or manual feeders where you’ll have to place each piece of mail one by one. In these cases, it’s ideal for you and your team to practice what it’s like to load the mail into the meter in a way that’s clean and quick.

In fact, make sure you and your team get very familiar with all of the mechanics of the machine. Learn how to troubleshoot any malfunctions through the touchscreen interface.

You’ll also want to consider the value of customer service when choosing from an authorized postage meter provider. Do you trust they will get your machine up and running in a timely manner if it breaks down?

Note that postage meters also can’t mail just anything. You’ll need to research weight limitations and package style regulations before you can expect your postage meter to work its magic for just anything you’re mailing.

Invest in Your Business’s Postage Meter Today

Now that you’re convinced of the value of a postage meter, look no further. Our team is here to ensure you get the ideal postage package for your company’s needs. We encourage you to get a free quote on a postage machine rental at your convenience.

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