Pitney Bowes SendPro P-Series Postage Meter Review

Pitney Bowes is a leader in postage meters. Thus, it’s no surprise that the company’s SendPro® P-Series is one of the most trusted postage meter machines on the market.

The SendPro P-Series is not as small nor compact as Quadriant’s iX-3 model. However, it’s still a reliable solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Small businesses need just one Sendpro to handle a variety of business needs, from postage rate calculation to automated receiving.

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Pitney Bowes SendPro P-SeriesThe SendPro P series is ideal for businesses that depend on warehouse staff to send and receive orders. It’s also a dependable mailing solution for office staff who need to mail hundreds of letters at a time. The latest SendPro model can produce 180 sealed letters in one minute alone.

The SendPro P-Series is designed to handle heavy-duty mailers, even envelopes that are 5/8 inch thick. Full-color messaging features are also available, which helps grow your brand and mail open rate. You can even save money on printing costs by letting your Sendpro postage meter handle all your mail marketing needs.

The SendPro P series is available in three models: the SendPro P1000, P2000, and P3000. If you have extremely high volume postage needs, consider the benefits of upgrading to the P3000. The P2000 and P3000 are also recommended for businesses that are trying to scale.

Specifications SendPro P1000 SendPro P2000 SendPro P3000
Max processing speed
(letters per minute)
145 LPM Standard; Optional up to 180 LPM Three Non-WOW/WOW pairings: Up to 180/110 LPM, 160/90 LPM, 145/70 LPM Four Non-WOW/WOW pairings: Up to 310/205 LPM, 270/170 LPM, 220/135 LPM, 165/105 LPM

One distinct difference about the SendPro P-Series from other postage machines is that it’s compatible with three different carriers, while others are restricted to just USPS alone. The SendPro P supports USPS, FedEx, and UPS mailing needs. Multi-carrier support is ideal for retail and eCommerce businesses that offer multiple delivery options.

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