FP PostBase™ Vision Advanced Postage Meter Review

FP PostBase™ VisionThe third postage meter to consider is the PostBase Vision Advanced meter from FP Mailing Solutions. FP’s PostBase Vision is an enterprise series noted for its award-winning design. This meter was designed with intuitiveness in mind.

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If you’re planning on renting multiple meters, you can easily sync your PostBase meters and apps. This way, you can manage all your meters and users from one control panel. PostBase meters also connect with other popular FP business products, like FP parcel shipping.

It’s critical to note that PostBase works best with FP parcel shipping. You’ll need this add-on if you want to mail USPS parcel packages to customers. If you’re only mailing letters, the postage meter on its own is fine.

Here’s a quick glance at what you get with the PostBase Vision Advance out the box:

  • USPS® parcel DIM rating and meter
  • An external package scale
  • FP’s secure seal tech
  • Advanced feeder and sealer technology
  • User-friendly interface and touchscreen
  • Compact design
  • Wi-Fi and LAN compatibility

You also have access to the discover FP portal, which lets you monitor postage meter data in real-time. You can also view current ink levels for all your meters and updated postage rates.

Like the iX-3 series from Quadrient, FP’s PostBase is built for USPS deliveries. You will need to find another mailing solution, like the SendPro P-Series, if you want to access multiple carriers from one postage meter.

If aesthetics are a concern, the PostBase Vision Advanced also has the sleekest design of the top 3 postage meters. It’s ideal for trendy startup offices and modern mailrooms. It also comes in five attractive color combinations, ranging from cashmere blue to gold.

Mail with Confidence

Problems with mailing and shipping can throw your business off track. Stay the course with a reliable postage meter machine! Remember these three top-rated postage meters as you make your decision.

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