Postal Meter ScalesCan You Buy a Postage Meter?

Are you looking to buy a postage meter? Can you even buy one? Long story short, no, you can not. However, you can rent one. Read on to find out some important facts.

Waiting in line at the post office can be a real downer. The only thing worse might be waiting in line at the DMV.

The average person spends six months of their life waiting in line. That’s a pretty big chunk of time, one that you probably wish you could get back.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way you could skip waiting around on line at the post office? If you never had to buy postage again?

(Because sadly, we’ll probably never escape the clutches of the DMV.)

If you’ve ever wondered whether there was a way for you to print postage, in the comfort of your home, we’ve got your answer.

Read on to hear the good news about postage meters, the machine that’s going to revolutionize how you send mail.

Postage Meters are Great Option for Businesses of all Size

Whether you’re the office manager of a Fortune 500 company or you’re selling handmade owl carvings on Etsy, investing in a postage meter can make your life easier.

Postage meters come in a variety of sizes, designed to handle different quantities of mail. So which one is the right fit for your business depends on the type of mail you are sending, and how much.

One important thing to know up front is that you can’t own your own postage meter. Because mail is regulated by the United States Postal Service, you’re only allowed to rent or lease a postage meter from an authorized dealer.

Owning a postage meter will not only save you energy, time, and money, but it will also bring a more professional touch to your mail. Whether you are a business of one person, or thousands of employees, being able to print your own postage will put you a step above the rest. Get a free quote now, or read on for more information.

Compare Postage Meter Cost

But How Does a Postage Meter Work?

Even though postage meters come in a variety of sizes, with different options for more complicated models, there are three functions that matter most.

All postage meters are able to weigh your mail, using a digital scale, then print an adhesive sticker that includes provides the postmark, stamp, and proof of postage – all in one convenient place.

Postage meters are also able to print special markings that might be required for some commercial mail.

Using a postage meter qualifies your business for a metered mail discount. Renting a postage meter can start as low as $15 – $20 a month. So the savings from printing your own postage are going to add up fast.

When you consider that the average small business spends $4000 a month on postage, there’s no question that you want to save money wherever you can.

Hasler IN 600 AF Postage MeterPostage Meters Have Actually Been Around for Awhile

Postage meters, also known as franking machines, were invented in Britain in the 1880’s, but they didn’t make it to the US until the early 1900’s.

Arthur Pitney was an inventor living in Chicago who got the first patent for a franking machine, in 1902. He was a sharp, frugal businessman who worried about how easily the men working in his office could steal stamps.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands and created a machine that would eliminate the need for stamps altogether. He started the Pitney Postal Machine Company, which evolved into the American Postage Meter Company ten years later.

This early version of the franking machine was turned by a manual crank and had a lockout device, printing die, chain action, and counter. Things have certainly changed a lot since then.

Later versions of the franking machine were rotary-print head, mechanical, or manual in nature. They continued to have more functionality as technology improved.

But all of these types of postage meters were discontinued by the Postal Service by 2000. The dawn of the digital revolution changed the face of the postage game, and now all franking machines operate digitally.

But who knows what postage meters will look like 50 years from now.

What are Some of the Benefits of Investing in a Postage Meter?

First and foremost, a postage meter is going to save your business money. In addition to those metered mail discounts, you’ll be saving money on tasks that employees would have otherwise had to do themselves.

Things like licking and sticking stamps; addressing and sealing envelopes; weighing mail to figure out how much postage was needed – all of the man-hours that would normally go into these chores can be used elsewhere.

So a postage meter will definitely help your business run more efficiently.

Having your own postage meter can also help with brand recognition. Meters let you design your postage how you want it, so you can include your logo and any text or images that you like. This gives the mail and packages you’re sending out that extra ounce of pizzazz.

Think about the difference between receiving mail from someone whose brand you recognize and mail that you can’t even tell where it’s from. It’s little differences like this that make a big difference in the marketing world.

The adaptability of modern-day postage meters is also a huge plus. You might start off small with the simplest model of meter, but then as your business grows it’s no problem to trade up to bigger, more capable models.

This is one benefit that renting postage meters offers – you don’t have to commit to anything forever.

Seize the Day!

Are you ready to start saving time and money on postage, while having a more efficient and professional business, with better brand recognition?

If so, then it’s time to start doing some research to figure out which model of postage meter is the right fit for your business.

Use our handy tool which allows you to answer a series of simple questions about your business, to receive a free quote. We’ll let you know how much it’ll cost to rent or lease a postage meter from us.

Or, check out our blog for reviews of the latest models, and tips specifically geared for different kinds of businesses and their postage needs.

Compare Postage Meter Cost

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