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5 Ways a Postage Meter Will Increase Efficiency (And Save You Money)

Investing in a postage meter will make your business run smoother, saving you time, money, and headaches. Here are all of the benefits of postal meters.

The first commercially available postage meter was created by Arthur Pitney in 1920. Ten years later, the first logo appeared on the stamps.

Much has changed since then, and postage meters now are both easier to use and much more efficient. If you aren’t using a postage meter for your small business, you should be.

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1. Using a Postage Meter Makes Bulk Mailing Easier

First off, what is a postage meter? These machines can be rented or leased by businesses to print postage on letters and other mailpieces. Metered mail is an alternative to stamps.

If your business sends a lot of bulk mail, metered postage could make the process simpler. Although you need a special permit for bulk mailings, you do see reduced prices for bulk mailing.

A postage meter makes the process easier since it’s automated, and it can save your business some money.

2.  It Saves You Money

Adding to the last point, there are other ways you can save using a postage meter.

For one, postage meters have scales that accurately weigh each piece of mail, so you never overpay. If your company is currently using stamps, you could be using more stamps than you need.

One of the best postage meter benefits is that metered letters are several cents cheaper than stamps. It may not sound like much, but those savings add up.

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3. More Control Over Your Business

You may have considered outsourcing certain tasks to make your business run more smoothly. However, while outsourcing can definitely save you time, it’s not always the right answer.

Using a postage meter gives you more control over your business. It will probably bring you some feeling of satisfaction, as well.

4. Can Use One Whenever You Need

Have you ever been ready to send out a piece of mail, only to realize that you’re out of stamps? No one enjoys going to the post office to wait in line and buy stamps, and you won’t need to anymore.

Having your own postage meter means you can use it to create postage whenever you need it.

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5. It Looks Professional

Pieces of mail that include customized stamps with typed names and addresses look more professional. Not only do you save time and effort by avoiding handwriting each address, but your mail looks neat and clean.

Customers will probably admire how professional mail from your business looks. This can improve brand perception and increase customer loyalty.

Finding the Best Postage Meter for Your Business

Now that you know about the benefits, are you ready to rent a postage meter for your business? Doing so can save you time and money. Plus, you’ll increase efficiency, and you should be able to reach more customers.

We have options to rent or lease postage meters for all your mailing needs.

Get a quote on a postage meter today, or reach out to us with any questions you have.

Compare Postage Meter Cost

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