Bulk Mail Rates

Using Bulk Mail to Reduce Postal Expenses

Bulk mail is a class of US mail for sending out large numbers of identical items at a reduced rate. The term “bulk mail” simply refers to larger quantities of mail that has been prepared for mailing at reduced rate of postage. It means commercial First-Class Mail and advertising mail (called “Standard Mail” by the Postal Service). Commercial prices for bulk mail are available for other classes of mail as well. The United States Postal Service uses the terms “bulk” and “presorted” interchangeably.

Presorted Standard Mail usually consists of business flyers, form letters, or other printed items that are similar in content. Each piece must weigh less than 16 ounces. Presorted Standard Mail refers to mailings of 200 or more addressed pieces (or 50 pounds) of mail sorted and prepared according to US postal standards.

Bulk prices are much lower than “single-piece” rates. “Single-piece” means that you pay the full postage price; when you put a stamp on a letter, you will be paying the single-piece postage rate. Many offices and businesses pay single-piece postage even though they are doing large mailings. The do this because they don’t want to do any extra preparation work—they don’t make the time, or it’s just not cost effective for their business, especially if there are not enough pieces to justify it.

What Are Commercial Postage Prices?

The Postal Service offers reduced prices for bulk mailing because you do some of the work that otherwise the post office would have to pay someone to do. Everyone benefits from this “work-sharing.” Businesses with large mailing jobs make an investment in time and technology, the Postal Service’s costs are reduced and you pay less postage. It’s win-win.

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How to Mail at Commercial Rates – Step by Step:

  •                 Get a mailing permit (permission to mail) from the post office and pay an annual mailing fee for each class of mail (First-Class Mail and Standard Mail).
  •                 Pay for US postage using any number of methods: precanceled postal stamps, postage meters, or permit imprints.
  •                 Make good choices about the size, shape, and overall weight of your letter or mail-piece.
  •                 Ensure that the recipients addresses are correct.
  •                 Presort the mail pieces (separate or sort your mail by ZIP Code).
  •                 Take your commercial mail to the local Post Office where your mailing permit was obtained.



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