Postage meters save the office money

Save on Sending With A Postage Meter At Your Office

Anyone that’s ever had to reconcile the expenses at the end of a business month knows just how quickly small costs can mount. Small business owners are often worried about increasing sales and growing the size of their companies, but in reality, they should be focusing on growing profits, not gross sales. One way to increase profits is to find small ways where money can be saved on a repetitive basis.

By renting a postage meter this becomes one of the ways that your company can start saving pennies at every turn. First of all, the use of a meter saves time and makes mailing much more time efficient. You’ll also see a number of other benefits though, once you integrate a postage meter into your business.

Metered Postal Machines For Prompt Billing

For any business to prosper, the bills need to get collected on time. The more quickly you can put your invoices in your client’s hands, the quicker you’re going to get paid. A postage meter ensures there is no delay in the billing process, allowing you to quickly bill your clients or customers.

Saving on First Class Mail

If you send a lot of first class letters, the 2% postage savings that you obtain when using a postage meter will turn into some very significant savings by the end of the year.

Simplify In-Mail Marketing Efforts

Despite the vast growth of digital marketing technologies, many companies still find value in old-fashioned bulk-mail campaigns. If you want to explore mail-marketing opportunities, a postage meter will reduce your cost while streamlining the process of getting your marketing materials in your prospect’s hands.

Saving Your Employees Time, and Your Money

Every time you have to send an employee to the post office, you have to pay for their time in transit, not to mention the time they spend waiting at the post office. With a postage meter, all of this can be handled in-house, allowing you to divert your employee’s energy to more productive activities than standing in line.

It will also speed up the process of shipping from start to finish, as a single device weighs your packages and prints shipping labels. This makes shipping a fast and totally painless process. You can also easily view your shipping costs using the features of a postage meter, saving time on bookkeeping and administration.

No Limitations on USPS Offerings

Because the postal service approves postal meters, you’re not hamstrung by limited offers or usefulness when you purchase one. You get up-to-date rates and the same discounts that your business would obtain if you shipped right at the post office, but with none of the hassle. You can also send mail using any class of mail you require when using a postage meter.

Integrating a postage meter into your operations can save you money, and make your staff more productive. Explore the impact it could make on your company by speaking to a metered postage expert about integrating a new meter into your business.


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