Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Postage Meter

Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Postage MeterThe success of a business depends on how efficient its processes are. With productivity being a major determinant of business success, business owners should aim for continuous process improvement. Process refinement and optimization of operations can go a long way in making your business more productive and more responsive to the needs of your customers. Part of this approach includes optimization of your mailroom operations and needless to mention, the success of such efforts depends on the appropriate use of a postage meter.

Did you know that your metered mail will reach your recipients 24 hours faster than your stamped mail? You will benefit in various ways through the use of a postage meter and some of them are outlined below:

  • Image Enhancement: Your mail’s envelope often creates the first impression in the minds of your customers. Metered mail enhances your company’s image and it can make your small business appear larger and more prominent.
  • Convenience: Using a postage meter is equivalent to having a dedicated mailroom at your office. Mailing becomes a hassle-free process, eliminating your need to visit the post office and eliminating wastage that is often caused due to rate-related uncertainties.
  • Easy Refills: You can benefit from an easy online refill process that remains accessible on a 24/7 basis.
  • Faster Operations: When you apply stamps manually to a huge number of envelopes, you end up wasting productive time that you might otherwise have spent on completing other tasks. When you use a postage meter, you can speed up this process and make your mail ready for dispatch in lesser time.
  • Savings: Postage meters come equipped with a digital scale that facilitates precision weighing and this is what allows you to get the exact denomination printed on the envelope without having to stick multiple stamps.
  • Accounting: Postage meters come with a cost accounting feature that allows you to keep track of postage expenses for different accounts. This will help you in your costing and reconciliation process.
  • Professional Appearance: Metered tapes go very well with larger packages and envelopes. With metered tapes, your packages will look more professional and cleaner.
  • Advertising Bonus: A postage meter can allow you to print an advertisement, logo, or a product image on your envelope and this may prove to be a significant marketing strategy to promote readership and response rates.

A postage meter can help you implement your operations in an organized manner. It is always easier to use a lockable meter than to struggle to find stamps from physical inventories or a disorganized drawer.


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