Reasons to Prefer Direct Mail Marketing Over Email Marketing

Reasons to Prefer Direct Mail Marketing Over Email Marketing

While technology has changed the ways how companies adopt direct marketing strategies today, it has not actually eliminated the direct mail marketing industry. On the other hand, the introduction of web technologies has transformed the direct mail marketing landscape in a positive way. When you send direct mail to your leads, you encourage them to visit your webpage, know more about your business, and contact you online.

Most of us experience an Inbox overload situation every day and some of us do not even have the time to sort through our email on a daily basis. So there are chances that your marketing email may sit on the recipients’ inbox just to end up in the Trash box ultimately. You may argue that the same may happen to your direct mail as well, however, we have interesting stats presenting different facts altogether.  Your direct mail is more likely to be opened and read with an Epsilon study claiming that 77 percent of recipients sort through their physical mail immediately after they receive it and a U.S. Postal Service survey claiming that 98 percent of people read their mail on a daily basis.

This is the era of multitasking with people trying to find suitable ways to manage their time well. People, especially computer users, are more likely to get distracted in their attempt to complete multiple tasks within a limited timeframe and no wonder why your email may just get overlooked and deleted. This is the fate of most unsolicited email. Your sales content should relate to the psychology of your target audience with a personal touch. A strong sales piece that is delivered as a direct mail can work as good as your direct door-to-door sales attempt, giving you an opportunity to talk directly to your prospects.

With phishing attacks and identity thefts being constant internet security concerns these days, people have started reducing the intensity of electronic communications. People tend to avoid email that comes with attachments, links, or images. So how can you make sure that your sales email stands out and gets read by your prospects? Unfortunately, you cannot. People are more likely to doubt your fancy email that features attachments and links and so it is more likely that your sales message, however strong or honest it might be, may get discarded. On the other hand, your prospects are more likely to trust your direct mail and act/ react accordingly. Additionally, you can send multiple attachments with your direct mail and your customers may actually appreciate your effort to share additional information about your business.

With no physical or personal touch involved, email communication is basically ‘bland’ in its core essence. You can customize your direct mail packages with envelopes of particular colors and sizes so that your customers recognize them instantly after they receive them for the third or fourth time. You can send freebies with your direct mail package as part of your promotional campaigns. This may be as simple as giving away pens or coasters with your company’s name and logo inscribed in them. Everyone can send email easily, but you really need to make some effort to send direct mail that can connect with the emotions of your customers. Your customers will appreciate your efforts and may contact you if they need what you offer.


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