Postage Meter: A Do-It-Yourself Device That Saves Your Valuable Time And Money

Postage saves money

If you are looking forward to reducing outgoings and increasing the efficiency of your business, consider investing in innovation. With mail being one of the most frequently-used modes of communication in any business, you may want to invest in a postage meter that will help you stay committed to your time-management goals.  Whether you run a home-office or an enterprise mail-room, postage meters can help you speed up your mail processes. Considered as one of the most vital pieces of office equipment, postage meters can save your precious time, improve productivity, and enhance your brand image as well.

In most small business environments, where both employers and employees wear multiple hats, it becomes stressful for them to spend hours on manual mailing tasks. The deployment of a digital postage machine works to simplify the mailing process. You can download postage electronically and this eliminates your need to buy stamps. It goes without saying, this makes mail-processing more efficient.

Furthermore, when you shop for postage meters, you must consider the volume of outgoing mail per month, mail size and weight, outgoing mail volume per batch, shipping labels, and mail-related items such as small packages, postcards, and letters. If you are spending more than $50 per month on mail, you can reap the cost-saving benefits of an automated postage solution.

More advanced postage meters offer time-saving add-ons. These postage meters help in folding letters, inserting them into envelopes, weighing them, sealing the envelopes, and printing postage onto the envelopes automatically. They also come equipped with capabilities such as bar codes to authenticate sender and receiver and to facilitate automatic postage rate adjustment and automatic date advance. What’s more interesting is that these advanced postage meters work in standalone mode without requiring you to use your PC.

If you have invested in the right postage meter, you can manage all types of business mail including Domestic First-Class Mail, Express Mail, Priority Mail, and International First-Class Mail. When it comes to reliability and cost savings, postage meters are tough to beat.

If you are into a large business, the advanced postage meters help you in sending bulk mail, catalogues or offers on a regular basis as much of these tasks can be automated. Besides, the metered post conveys a message that means much more than the contents of the envelope. Your recipient will clearly identify your business as a professional establishment and this will go a long way to boost your brand identity.


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