Pitney Bowes DM300 Postage Meter Review

The Pitney Bowes DM300 is a simple to use postage meter with a semi-auto feed. It can process up to 65 letters per minute.

The DM300’s built-in scale can handle packages from 2-70 pounds. Postage can be printed on envelopes up to 9.5mm thick. For thicker envelopes or packages, the meter can print postage on self-adhesive tape strips.

Postage is reset connecting the meter to a telephone line rather than your internet connection. The meter can also track up to 50 accounts for accounting purposes.

The DM300 does not have a touchscreen or a sealer.

Pitney Bowes DM300 Postage Meter

If you’re the one responsible for getting the office mail out fast, the DM300™ Digital Postage Meter can make sure you get the job done on time. The DM 300 is reliable and super easy to use.

The Pitney Bowes CM 300 postage meter processes up to 65 pieces per minute. It comes with a professional look and delivers clean inkjet printing. 

Pitney Bowes DM300 Postage Meter Features

  • Easily Pushes out up to 65 pieces per minute.
  • Quiet – low noise at all times
  • Compliant with CPC regulations
  • Makes postage for all types of of mail
  • Handles postcards to 13″ x 15″ and up to 3/8″ thick.
  • Time and Date Stamp for incoming mail.
  • Account tracking and reporting for 50 accounts standard; expandable to 300 accounts.
  • Multiple integrated scale options –  choose either the 500g or 5 kg (optional)
  • Postage rating is done internally for fast and easy processing.
  • Inkjet printing and secure envelope sealing give mail a professional, trusted appearance.
  • Low Postage Warning ensures you never run out of postage unexpectedly.
  • Expanded accounting – upgrade from 50 to as many as 1,500 accounts (optional)

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The Pitney Bowes DM300 postage meters is a quality semi-automatic feed and integrated weighing platform. The equipment is user friendly and makes it simple to process mail of various sizes, from postcards to parcels – at speeds of up to 65 pieces per minute. The DM 300 gives your office metered mail a professional look with crisp, clean inkjet printing technology.  

Conclusion: The DM300 is an excellent solution for most offices. It’s affordable, and very simple for employees to setup and use.

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