Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 Model for High Mail Volumes

Fortunately, there is a wide range of specialized technologies available for modern businesses to print out a great deal of envelops with addresses and graphics on it in as little time as possible. Here we will examine one such device and make a Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 review to evaluate what many consider to be the most impressive high volume postage meter system that can print addresses as readily as graphics and postage.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 Specifications

Like all postage meters, these high volume machines are regulated by federal laws and as such can only be purchased and leased under regulated plans that can cost upwards of hundreds, if not thousands per month. While this is solely to ensure that postal fraud does not occur too readily, it should be noted that not every business is really prepared to lease one of these devices to facilitate their mail marketing campaigns.

However, for those who can afford these devices, they can process over 18,000 letters in an hour, albeit only under ideal conditions. Still, half that for larger, more specialized packages is still a lot of mail marked and ready to be delivered. The device can handle weighing platforms between the bare minimum of five lbs and up to 149 lbs as suits your specific business’ needs. Because of this speed and efficiency, the Connect+ 3000 is intended for truly massive mailing campaigns and handles them faster than almost every device on the market today.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 Postage Meter Review

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000

  • Intuitive color colour touch-screen interface
  • Built-in on-screen tutorials
  • Programmable Job presets
  • 1,200-dpi HP powered ink-jet printing in process colour or black and postal-compliant red fluorescent
  • 22mm printing path across full length of the envelope, top and bottom, front or back
  • Generate revenue by printing marketing messages on transactional envelopes
  • Cost effective printing — especially for small print runs
  • Existing platform weighing options – 15-lb. 30-lb. 70-lb. and 149-lb. capacity
  • MyAccount
  • Package Tracking
  • Address Correction
  • Postal Tools
  • Pitney Bowes Mail Services
  • USPS® Domestic Rates
  • USPS® International Rates
  • USPS® Shipping Services Rates
  • Open- or closed-flap sealing
  • New pump-fed pad sealing system
  • On-screen keyboard (full QWERTY)

Though it’s a fairly large device that weighs a lot, it does come with a hundred separate department accounts out of the box and can be expanded up to 3000 so that your business’ various groups can all effectively use the same device. The screen has a standard QWERTY keyboard so most everybody who’s handled a keyboard can use the device fairly intuitively with few problems.

It has a wide range of envelop sizes it can handle. It can handle envelopes as thick as 19mm and it can handle sizes of up to 254mm by 356mm (though the minimum size the device can handle is 89 by 127mm). The printing systems come with a process color printer, as well as standard postal black, white and blue, allowing a wide range of graphics to be printed out on envelopes once the right kind of image file has been put into the device’s system. It has a print quality of up to 12000 dpi, furthering its usefulness for printing graphics on envelopes. Though it is quite easy to use, it can also connect to Pitney Bowes’ specialized services such as package tracking or address verification, making it an all around impressive device for mass mailing work.

From businesses of many sizes, using old fashioned but reliable snail mail remains a standard practice in the modern commercial world, even with the advent of the past twenty years of spreading digital technology. Many people across the world still check their mail boxes with great regularity and receive a wide range of mail from businesses, ranging from bills that need to be paid, bank statements to keep accounts square and advertisements in the mail that have retained their effectiveness even in an age of email advertisements. For many businesses of differing sizes, the ability to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively send out a great deal of mail is a vital part of their daily business strategy.

However, getting that mail ready to be sent can be a difficult affair that modern technology has since made less complicated. This includes automated statements being mail, specialized printing software or set ups wherein one can automatically purchase the postage costs needed to send the mail they need to send. Among other complications is the matter of getting the envelop addressed with both a receiving and return address. This can be hard enough for simple billing letters, but for advertisement mail, it can be a true challenge to get an eye catching image on a letter and then print out enough of them to make the time and money spent on it pay off.

You can see more specifications and details for the Connect+ 3000 here. This Pitney Bowes system is definitely worth a look if you are processing large amounts of mail.


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