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Meet Metered Mail: The 7 Benefits of Using a Postage Meter

The USPS generates 70 billion dollars per year in revenue. Much of that revenue comes from business owners like you who need to ship documents and marketing materials as part of your everyday operations.

While mailing a letter here and a document there might not seem like much in the way of expenditures isolated, over the course of a year, your postage costs could be astounding.

To that end, the average business spends $200 per month on first class mail.

If you’re looking for ways to bring your mailing costs down, chances are you’ve consider metered mail.

For those unfamiliar, metered mail provides business owners with an alternative to putting stamps on their postage. It instead calculates an item’s weight and prints exact postage directly onto it.

Levering metered mail can bring incredible value to your business operations. Below, our team outlines 7 of the biggest benefits you can expect.

1. Savings

The reason why most businesses upgrade to mailing their necessities via metered mail is because of the savings doing so provides.

When you use stamps, you need to estimate how many stamps have to be included on a document or package whenever you mail something. This estimation often results in over stamping your postage and consequently, overpaying.

With metered mail, everything you ship is weighed and you pay a cost that is exactly in line with current USPS rates. You’ll never overpay to send an item again.

For businesses who worry about the costs involved in upgrading to a metered mail system, it’s important to note that the upgrade will eventually pay for itself many times over in the way of savings you’ll enjoy.

2. Convenience

Imagine if your local post office was in your garage or home office. That pipe dream is what a postage meter can grant you.

When you have a postage meter, everything from weighing to pricing to printing postage on what you need to mail out is done immediately. That means that shipping a letter is as simple as running it through your postage meter and dropping it in the mailbox.

No more trips to the post office, no more wasted resources, no more wasted time.

3. An Improved Image

When a business or customer receives something you send them in the mail, the first impression they’ll have of your organization is your envelope.

We assure you that the impression they’ll have will be much better if they see that you’ve used a postage meter rather than if you’ve hand-laid a bunch of forever stamps all over your envelope.

Bottom line… If you’re a small business owner who has ambitions to get big, start acting the part and start using metered mail.

4. Flexibility

Many people think that using a postage meter just works for businesses that exclusively send out standard letter-sized mail. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

With a postage meter, you can use metered tapes which can go on packages, tubes or larger sized envelopes.

That means that you can get all of the cost and convenience benefits you’d normally enjoy with standard envelopes on every piece of mail you send out of your office.

5. Better Security

The amount of money businesses invest in stamps can be enormous. If you’re one of those businesses and you’re keeping books of stamps in a filing cabinet or drawer, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Think… Would you feel comfortable storing hundreds of dollars in your filing cabinet?

Of course not. You’d risk your money being stolen, getting lost or damaged. Having your valuable stamps laying around presents the exact same risk.

To upgrade your security and protect your postage investment, metered mail is the way to go. When you use a postage meter, all of your postage dollars are secured in your meter.

6. Your Items Get Delivered Faster

It’s not known to many business owners that metered mail is actually considered higher priority than standard stamped mail. That means that postal carriers work to get it to where it needs to go faster.

Faster mail means happier business partners/customers which means less missed opportunities and more traction for your organization.

7. A Form of Advertising

Postal meters are versatile in that they can print logos and even custom images on your envelope. When they do this, they essentially transform your envelope into a mini billboard.

This feature not only makes it so your business appears more professional, but it also gives you opportunities to increase your brand impressions or share topical information on promotions and sales.

Wrapping Up 7 Benefits of Using Metered Mail

If you’re a small business owner, you’re competing against over 28 million other registered small businesses, many of which are in your niche. To get ahead, cutting expenses is important and there is no better way to do that than to invest in metered meter.

When you upgrade your mailing workflow with a postage meter, not only do you save an immense amount of money but you also get the multitude of benefits we’ve mentioned above.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your business today and start using a postage meter!

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