Are Postage Meters Worth The Investment?

Postage meters are a low-cost way to make direct mail very fast on any size budget.

  • To make sure that your business stays in the black, it’s important to consider using a postage meter. These machines save time and money by printing out necessary stamps directly onto letters or parcels so you don’t have any extra work on hand.
  • A digital postal meter is an efficient and quick way to send a letter or package. These meters use touch screens that make it easy for users of all ages, like moms on their own who needs stamps now.
  • Digital meters are a great way to find the correct rates. They connect with your local post office and get you all set up in no time.

Compare Postage Meter Cost

The time it takes to go through all the steps necessary for mailing letters or packages is a huge hassle. Some people might think that they are getting away with not investing in an expensive machine because their business doesn’t require them too, but what about when you send out hundreds of mailings? It would take way more visits if each item needed its own attention at USPS – which also costs money. Plus printing different size envelopes can get really pricey fast depending on how many pages need duplicates…not to mention using up printer ink since nothing needs folding anymore.

Hasler IN 600 AF postage meter

Postage Meter 101: What’s the Purpose

The U.S Postal Service says that USPS postal meters are machines/systems authorized for use in your home or office to print postage directly onto mail pieces, which you then affix with the meter tape and send off as usual.

The USPS explains that a permit is required in order to use their postal meters. The process isn’t hard, but it does have some important details you need to understand before attempting this task yourself or hiring someone else who will be using the machine on your behalf at one point during production.

iX-5 Series Mailing System

In simplest terms:  1)You must apply for this privilege by filling out an application and paying $4 dollars per day -or even just part thereof- as security against possible damages should something go awry while granting permission; 2)Once approved (and assuming everything goes smoothly), there’s no limit as far as how long any individual can keep his/her permit.

Postage Meter Process Explained

When you send a letter or parcel with today’s digital meters, it is always nice to know exactly how much postage they cost. You can either use an automatic feeder that will affix the sticker for easy tracking of your package in its journey across town if this doesn’t sound like something convenient enough then most mailboxes also come equipped with manual envelopes where one side has small slots specifically designed so as not leave any markings when removed after mailing out items such destinations abroad.

If you’re looking for a way to save money and time, then the post office is where it’s at. With this easy process that doesn’t require much effort from your end-all be all small business employees (or managers), they’ll quickly learn how to use their own postage meter in no time flat.

What’s the Cost of Postage Meters?

A postage meter is an essential tool for any business that prints or sends letters. You can’t buy one yourself, as it’ll be rented from a supplier and lease prices vary considerably depending on what model you want to use- with some costing around $225 monthly while others being more expensive at over $1k per month. The average cost falls somewhere between these two figures: anything less than $35 will have supplies included in addition to rental fees whereas more than $210 covers both parts indefinitely without ever having another expense coming up again until your first bill arrives.

IS-5000 Postage Machine

The cost of your post will depend on what you need to send, but with a postage meter and the right discounts, it can be cheaper than buying stamps.

Your supplier will typically cover routine maintenance or repairs, depending on the specific terms of your lease. For example, they may provide ink cartridge refills for about $55 per refill and self-adhesive labels that are around 45 dollars each fifty in total if you’re leasing supplies from them. However, there’s always an additional cost associated with mailing them since this is something different than just getting more paper directly.

Postage Meter Benefits

Postage meters are a must-have for any business that sends invoices or packages. The post office may be convenient, but it’s often expensive and can take up your entire day of busywork. With this quick solution  – you’ll never have to visit the PO again thanks in part to their innovative machines which make accurate stamping simple as possible no matter how many pounds per square inch (psi) there is on each side.

Hasler IS-5000

Postal mailing services save both time AND money with our speedy digital metering solutions: No need to go out at all just put some coins into one machine; then come home and check your account online.

It’s also helpful to have the ability to work around your business’ schedule. For example, if you are running late on Friday night and want stamps for post-mailing duties then it is not easy at all because now there are no Post Offices open until Monday morning! However with a postage meter in place–you can go whenever needed since this device works just fine 24 hours per day 7 days a week according to need – making sure that nothing gets left out or forgotten while ensuring important tasks don’t fall through the cracks.

Pros and cons of postage meters

Before you invest in a postage meter, consider the pros and cons.


  • Print exact postage amount on demand.
  • Get rate change updates in live time.
  • Easily calculate parcel weight and print stamps.
  • Works even when your servers are down.


  • Requires a monthly lease. Purchasing is not an option.
  • Cannot print addresses. You will need an online service to print labels.
  • Postage meters are not Wi-Fi enabled.

Compare Postage Meter Cost

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