Is Metered Mail Cheaper?

metered mailIf you’re looking to lower your postal costs, you may be considering metered mail. But is metered mail cheaper than stamps? Check out our guide to metered mail now.

The invention of the stamp was a British invention in the 1840s, as a receipt for the postage payment. For many years, people used this style of mailing, but it stopped being an effective postage scheme.

Apart from investing in postage stamps as collection, the metered postage has become the best option for businesses who want a simpler, easier way to handle their posts.

Even then, are we even sure metered mail is cheaper? In this guide, we’ll talk about your metered letter and everything about it.

What is metered mail? When it comes to stamped vs metered mail, which is cheaper? What can you get out of a postage meter stamp?

Here’s what we know:

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What is Metered Mail?

Office Postage MeterIn the United States, there are three types of methods to pay for your postage. These are stamps, postage meters, and online postage. A metered letter can be as easy as five cents cheaper than stamps.

A metered mail/letter is a type of payment where letters use printed or a postage meter stamp instead of single stamps. When it comes to high volume mail, this becomes the best solution due to its cost and reliability.

Businesses tend to rely on methods like the metered letter due to its sheer efficiency. If you send out much mail a day, adding a stamp on each one won’t work. When it comes to stamped vs metered mail, businesses would prefer stamped due to many of its natural benefits.

Benefits of A Metered Letter

What is a metered mail and what are its benefits? Many of the benefits of this method harken to the simple cost of postage options.

When you buy a postage meter stamp from your mail service, they will sell you a certain volume. As it is, a metered letter can cost around 3 to 5 cents cheaper than traditional stamps. It looks negligible until you remember how much mail businesses send.

If you are a small to medium business, you may send different things through the mail. This can be advertising, invoices or even notices. This volume adds up, so adding a single stamp for every letter will be a headache.

When it comes to a metered letter, you get to buy a specific volume of metered postage. Because you buy in bulk, this can be cheaper in the long run. You also get a single postage meter stamp that you use for all your company mail.

Understanding Stamped Vs Metered Mail

Commercial Postage MeterThere are three factors to consider when you’re thinking of what’s cheaper between stamped vs metered mail.

First, you need to consider the cost of stamped vs metered mail. You would want to get the best value for every letter that you send.

Second, you want a reliable postage payment method. You need something that will not give you a problem the more you use it.

Last, you want something convenient. You want something quick and easy and cuts down on your work. You don’t want a method that further adds to what you’re already doing.

Now that we know what we’re looking for when it comes to stamped vs metered mail, we can evaluate both with each crucial factor.

To put into perspective, a stamp is ok if you’re a person who doesn’t send a lot of mail in the first place. For a few mails every now and then, stamps should do the trick. They’re quick and easy for a few mails.

Cost Of Postage Meter Stamp

Metered mail is also great when buying in large volumes, especially when compared to traditional stamp mail.

First, who will put a stamp on each and every mail that you have? Unlike a postage meter stamp, you need to have a stamp multiplied to the amount you buy. This can become expensive to store in the long run.

This also means that you would need to pay someone extra time to take a stamp and stick it on every envelope. Sure, the cost of the stamps and postage meter stamp can be the same. You’ll still pay for somebody to work extra hours sticking stamps instead of straight up stamping.

USPS Postage MeterReliability

A metered letter is a reliable way to take care of your entire mail system. For one, printing your postage meter stamp on the envelope prevents forgery. Only you have access to your own metered postage stamp, so you can control what goes in and out.

Also, metered mail helps reducing time dealing with the Post Office. There are only so many stamps that they can produce at a time. If your company uses mail in high volume, a single postage meter stamp should be good enough as well.

All you would need is a single postage meter and that should be it.


When it comes to efficiency, stamped vs metered mail is not a contest. Metered letter wins hands down.

What is a metered mail good for is allowing you to calculate how much you are paying for the postage. If you know the number of mail that you sent, you know how much you’re paying for.

If you have postage with weight, you can scale your package and put the appropriate payment for it. This means you don’t worry about underpayment or overpayment at all.

What you pay for your postage meter stamp is the right fee each time, every time.

Is Metered Mail Cheaper?

If you are checking what is cheaper between stamps or metered mail, metered letters are the way to go. They are low cost, reliable and efficient options to pay for your postage.

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