How A Postage Meter Can Streamline Your Office’s Mailing Needs

How A Postage Meter Can Streamline Your Office’s Mailing Needs

As your business expands, it will become necessary to automate several everyday functions. One of these will be in your mailing system. If you are a business that thrives on regularly sending bulk mail to clients and customers, you might want to invest in a postage meter to save you time and money in the long term.

Postage meters are simple machines by which you can electronically download postage stamps without having to manually buy stamps or affix them.

In the United States, postage meters can be leased or rented from an authenticated supplier.

Postage is considered a form of currency and as such they are regulated by the US Treasury. The United States Postal Service (USPS) determines regulations concerning the use of postage meters and is in charge of authenticating rentals and suppliers.

There are several different kinds of postage meters and depending on your needs you should be able to find a credible supplier who can rent or lease you a machine for a competitive price.

Here are three major benefits of using a postage meter to help you improve efficiency, reduce costs and save time.

Save time and money:  Depending on the size of your business and your mailing needs, a postage meter can help you automate a huge part of your mail. If you are a company that regularly needs to send out promotional material and catalogues to clients and customers, you can save on internal resources by having a postage meter that can affix stamps, write addresses and seal the envelopes. This frees up the time of staff.

Promote your brand: Today, postage meters come with several customizable features. You can include your company logo, a tagline, or new information on new partnerships on the envelope. By storing your designs and logos, it is possible to affix different designs on different envelopes depending on whom it is addressed to. This makes your mail look customized and attractive and creates a strong brand image among your customers.

Reduce errors: Having a machine print out an address rather than having a person write it down significantly reduces the chance of errors or your mail going undelivered. By automating your mailing, you will ensure that you have the right amount of postage for every destination. Postage meters can also weigh parcels and determine how much postage they need. This saves you the effort of having to deal with external scales or printers.

A postage meter will become an integral part of your office needs once you see the benefits in saving you time and money.


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