FP USA PostBase Mini For Light Mail Volume

The PostBase Mini brags that it is the first and only small business postage meter that includes Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI), which is the most secure form of imprinting and postage data from the USPS. In our review, we especially loved the little color touch screen that made operation of this little machine very intuitive, and in FP’s words, “as easy as withdrawing cash on an ATM.” Taking up less than a single square foot of desk space, this little machine is good for a small office that mails less than 100 pieces each month. One other thing that we did appreciate, is that although the integrated scale is only 5 lbs capacity, there is an option to connect with an external scale capable of handling packages up to 70 lbs. Oh yeah, and as promised by FP, this guy is pretty quiet while he does his job.

FP USA PostBase Mini Postage Meter Review

FP USA PostBase Mini

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • User-friendly color touch screen control
  • The only meter on the market with IMI security
  • Available high capacity (up to 70 lbs) external scale
  • Color touch screen operation (like a smart phone)
  • Free RemoteOne software to enhance functionality
  • Optional ReportOne software with additional accounting & reporting
  • 31% smaller footprint than comparable competitor
  • 150% higher capacity standard scale
  • Personalizing scale colors

The cost to rent a PostBase Mini will be around $20 per month, plus figure in your supplies and postage. One small downside that you need to take into account is that postage will be at retail rates on this machine, so you may need to run the numbers to see if your volume of mail makes sense to step up to a more sophisticated system that qualifies for discounts. Otherwise, for small businesses that just need a quiet little meter to take care of business without a lot of fuss, the PostBase Mini does prove to be smooth and reliable for simple postage printing needs. Check out the full specifications on the FP USA PostBase Mini here. Then request a no-obligation quote by clicking the button below to see how much you might save each month with a new postage meter.


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