FP USA PostBase Econ for Small Business Mailing Needs

FP has a long history of manufacturing industry leading equipment. In particular, their postage meter machines are among the best on the market. They are the go-to company when it comes to industrial mailing solutions. One of the newest products in their long line of mailing systems is the PostBase Econ.

A Brief Introduction

FP offers multiple lines of postage meters. The PostBase econ meter falls into their line known as the “small business series”. It can handle a slightly larger workload than some of their office series models, but still less than the much larger enterprise series machines.

As the name implies, this is the perfect postage meter if you own a small business. Whether you’re just getting your company started or it’s sitting comfortably at a size that you prefer; the PostBase econ can make handling postage significantly easier. It does this through a combination of precision engineering, impressive specs, and cutting-edge features.
FP USA PostBase Econ Model Postage Meter

  • 24/7 Postage over Wi-Fi option
  • Easy to use Color Touchscreen
  • Never over pay for postage
  • Intuitive interface
  • Highly efficient technology
  • Whisper-quiet and smooth operating
  • Award-winning aesthetic design

FP USA PostBase Econ Postage Meter Review

Precision Engineering.

This array of benefits boils down to size, style, durability, and ease of use. The first thing that you notice when you look at the PostBase is that it looks great. It has a sleek, sophisticated appearance that clearly belongs in a modern business setting. Forget your grandfather’s postage meter, this is one of the most advanced mailing solutions on the market today and you can tell that just by looking at it.

One area where the precision engineering really paid off is noise. This model is extremely quiet. If you’ve ever heard a mailing system grinding away in the back of the office, then you know how loud they can be at times. FP completely eliminated the noise-factor, which makes this a model that looks and sounds impressive.

PostBase Econ Cutting Edge Features

The PostBase really shines in terms of features. It manages to remain easy-to-use, yet includes a plethora of optional features. Many of these features are packaged inside the PortBase OneSuite software suit. You can connect the hardware to your computer via Wi-Fi, LAN, or USB connection. From there, you have access to dozens of adjustment options through the software suite. Here are a couple examples of what you can do.

– Access commercial base pricing discount.

– Generate shipping labels.

– Enable account restrictions.

With the use of the software, you can easily adjust your PostBase rates, create custom labels, and maintain control of who prints what. Of course, you don’t need to adjust everything from the computer. One of the nice features of this particular model is the beautiful, full-color touchscreen.

The touchscreen easy to use and make adjustments from the machine itself. It’s a lot like using your smartphone. It doesn’t have the full depth of features available in the software suite, but it’s enough to get the job done in most cases.

A lot of new features in the econ model are related to the physical aspects of the machine itself. For example, it has a fairly large parcel scale and includes built-in parcel rates and USPS rates. Weighing and pricing packages of all sizes has never been so fast and easy.

The letter slot has increased thickness as well. The new slot is ¼’, which makes it possible to stamp any and all letters. Who wants to manually stamp their envelopes when they have a machine that will do it for them? Even when it’s a really thick envelope.

In Conclusion

The FP PostBase line of postage meters has won several awards over the year. There’s no denying that the econ model is next in line for one of those awards. It’s compact, lightweight, and surprisingly powerful. The large-scale and built-in rates can handle a heavy workload. The large letter opening ensures that even the thickest of envelopes are processed and stamps.

Despite being so powerful, it’s a quiet and discreet machine. Most people won’t even notice that it’s running in the back of the office. That means it won’t interfere with your workflow in a negative way. Overall, it’s the best PostBase machine to date. Of course, it’s designed primarily for small businesses. If your workflow is higher than the recommendation, then you may want to consider one of their enterprise models. Otherwise, this is the postage meter for you.

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