The FP USA CentorMail Max for Medium to Heavy Mail Volumes

We’ve seen a lot of great products come from FP Mailing Solutions and the FP USA CentorMail Max mailing system is certainly no exception. It’s become their flagship product and is designed primarily to work with small-to-medium sized businesses that deal with high volumes of mail. It’s labeled as an “all-in-one” system, which is a nice way of saying that it comes with a lot of features that you’ll use on a daily basis.

It’s important to note that this machine comes in two possible variations. There are a few slight differences between the two variants. Primarily, one of them can handle 120 letters each minute and the other can handle 140 letters each minute. You would obviously take the 140 model if you have an extremely high volume of mail going through your business. Otherwise, you can save a few bucks and stick with the 120.

Design Features

As mentioned, this model has quite a few impressive features. Let’s consider a few of these features in further detail. The first group of features is considered “design features”. They aren’t activated by pressing a button, but they still improve productivity and help this model stand out from the competition.

The most noticeable design features include the vertical letter feed, newly redesigned paper path, and expanded feed opening. The feed opening is around one inch. This allows it to handle some pretty thick inserts, including catalogs and padded mailers. And, of course, it still works perfectly fine with your standard letters and postcards.

The vertical feed is unique and beneficial. Its design eliminates nearly all jamming, which is always a good thing when you’re pushing through 100 or more letters in a minute. If you should experience a jam, fret not. The paper path is designed so that you can easily access needed areas in the instance of jam.

FP USA CentorMail Max Postage Meter Review

CentorMail Max Postage Meter Photo

  • Processes mail at a blistering 120-140 letters per minute.
  • Interfaces with Shipping & Accounting Software
  • Vertical feeding allows for smooth operation and handles bulky pieces.
  • True mixed-mail processing means you don’t have to presort.
  • The dynamic scale automatically calculates accurate postage while mail is processing.
  • 24/7 Postage Download
  • Extremely reliable and jam-free operation reduces the stress and frustration caused by downtime.
  • Included envelope moistener obviates the need for manual sealing or a standalone sealing machine.
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Master and user cards allow advanced operator security and accounts.
  • Extended feeder and output options increase run times for greater efficiency.
  • Integrated Label Dispenser
  • Available high-volume ink tanks yield longer durations between refills and lower ink costs.
  • Convenient Storage Bins
  • Replenish postage securely at the touch of a button.
  • Envelope Exit Tray
  • Track up to 300 departmental accounts (unlimited accounts with optional MailOne software).
  • Envelope Conveyor-Stacker Option
  • Incoming Mail Mode
  • Features Continued

    The next category of features is those that improve the quality of the product, but aren’t necessarily part of the physical design of the machine (though some technically are). An example of a feature in this category is the envelope moistener. This boosts the efficiency of the product but isn’t necessarily always used. Another optional feature is the high-volume ink tanks.

    Perhaps one of the greatest features of the CentorMail Max is its ability to handle mixed mail. This means you don’t have to waste man hours pre-sorting mail before feeding it to the machine. Not only does this save time, but it saves your business money. This, when coupled with the increased feed size and improved design, makes the CentorMail Max an extremely capable mail system.

    There are also some features implemented to improve security. One such feature is the inclusion of user cards with access levels. There are master cards and user cards. This helps better manage accounts, maintain liability, and improve security.

    Some final features worth mentioning include the responsive touch screen and the various input/output capabilities. The touchscreen is large, easy to use, and puts a total of 300 possible departments under your control. If you add the MailOne software to the machine, then it is capable of managing an unlimited number of accounts.

    MailOne is the proprietary software designed by FP. It’s a great digital product that can replace a full staff of mailroom clerks. It’s compatible with the FP USA CentorMail Max and some of their other products. It comes highly recommended if you want to really get the most from the mailing system.

    See the full specifications here for the FP USA CentorMail Max.

    MailOne adds some digital features, such as unlimited accounts, postage tracking, and in-depth reporting, which are all extremely useful. It also works well with MailCredit. MailCredit is another of their products that allow you to download postage over an internet connection.

    Is The CentorMail Max Right For You?

    Despite being targeted at small-to-medium sized businesses, the truth is that this machine can work equally well for large businesses. The 120 model can handle up to 7,200 pieces of mail every hour. The 140 model can handle an impressive 8,400 pieces an hour. That’s typically enough for even a large business that handles a lot of mail.

    That’s why you’ll find this model in hospitals, marketing companies, and even public utility companies. Any company that needs a fast and effective mail system that is easy to use would benefit from the FP USA CentorMail Max.

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