Data Pac EZ-Mailer for Low to Medium Mail Volume Needs

If you need a low- to medium-volume automation solution for your mail room, you should consider this review of the Data Pac EZ-Mailer. The capabilities of this device can save your business time and money over an old-style postage meter, and it can particularly reduce your costs over doing this type of chore by hand. Some particularly attractive features include helping companies qualify for postal discounts, customized reports, and the ability to connect via Wi-Fi.

Comprehensive Data Pac EZ-Mailer Postage Meter Review

These are some basic specs of the EZ-Mailer:

  • Processes letters and flats
  • Speeds up to 140 LPM
  • Ten-Inch color screen
  • Options for a 25 LB and 70 LB scale
  • Ability to setup multiple accounts and sub-accounts
  • A built-in postage sealer

The performance and capability of this device make it perfect for startups and small businesses. In addition, the machine connects through WI-FI. This connectivity allows you to receive updated postage and other relevant data. It also allows you to access the PC from its built-in laptop or another computerized device to create such things as custom reports and forms. This postage meter includes its own data store and accessible computer.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this device is the number of reporting options that it comes loaded with. With this information at your fingertips, you don’t have to guess how much your business spends for postage. In addition, the device can produce all sorts of mailing forms, including international and customized ones. You can use the included software to produce reports or interface databases for accounting and other departments. Your ability to create user accounts and sub-accounts can help protect privacy and make different departments responsible for their own usage costs.

Reduce Printing And Postage Costs With The EZ-Mailer Too

One really neat benefit of this postage meter is that it can actually help you qualify for postal discounts that could save you as much as .95 to over $2.00 a piece in some cases. If you use this feature for priority mail, you also get free delivery confirmation. You can also qualify for discounts of over $2.00 a piece for international mail and up to $1.20 per piece for certified mail.

Data-Pac-EZ-MailerThis feature alone could help you reduce your mailing costs by hundreds of dollars each month with no more effort than you use to pay more today. These discounts should help the EZ-Mailer pay for itself and even increase your business profits.

Your eco-conscious and frugal-minded business will appreciate a couple more features of this postage meter. Consider these examples:

  • The device has a very low footprint, so it won’t drive up your energy costs as it helps you save money on labor and postage bills.
  • You can choose an economy mode to reduce ink usage.
  • In addition, EZ-Mailer ink costs as much as 75 percent less than the competitor’s ink.

Data-Pac makes very innovative, modern postage meters. The company focuses on offering a postage meter that can help you work more efficiently, understand your mailing costs, and even earn you discounts. In addition, they keep ink affordable and help users reduce their ink usage.

While the device may not be large, fast, or large enough for very high-volume applications, it can serve the needs of plenty of small businesses and offices very well. The capabilities of this device surprise a lot of business owners who were used to relying upon an old-fashioned postage meter or even manual mailing methods.

While Data Pac innovates, the company still demonstrates a lot of old-fashioned values. For instance, the EZ-Mailer has all-steel construction, so you don’t have to worry about buying a fragile device that’s completely made out of cheap plastic. It’s meant to be durable and hold up under typical office conditions. In addition, you may be pleased to learn that Data Pac manufactures and assembles its devices inside of the United States.

Will Your Company Benefit From the EZ-Mailer?

For a device built to handle the needs of medium-sized mailing centers, the EZ-Mailer comes with capabilities that many people would only expect to find in the largest and most expensive machines that are targeted to large enterprises. Any business that could benefit form postal discounts, customized reporting and labeling, and extra postal discounts might consider this high-quality and feature-rich postage meter.

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