Data Pac ‘DP Link 10’ Postage Meter Review – A Quality Solution

The DP Link 10 is an e-Smart Mail mailing system that works with your computer. It includes software and a printer that connects to your PC. The software allows you to print accounting information, job reports, operator reports and set and reset the postage.

It can process letters, flats, and parcels. It can stamp up to 200 letters per minute. The printer prints 4X6 shipping labels and 1×4 meter tape labels.

Optional items are a 25 lb or a 70 lb scale. Other options include being able to print customs forms, e-certified forms at a discount of $1.15 per piece, electronic delivery confirmation and signature confirmation, and 3877 Firm Mailer book.

Data Pac DP Link 10 postage meterPostage Meter Review

The DP Link 10 does not have a sealer option.

The Data Pac DP Link 10 is a low capacity meter and rental prices can start between $10 to $35 per month, depending on options chosen and other variables.

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Data Pac DP Link 10 Features

1. eSmart-Mail

2. Simple configurable screens

3. User configurable rate buttons

4. Optional Postage Accounting with full Reporting

5. Includes Internet Data Transfer

6. Features Internet Postage Loading

7. Quickly Connects to eSmart-Mail Manager

8. Metered mail, with label production for letters and flats

9. Optional Full address database

10. Tracking for various types of USPS mail

11. May qualification for commercial rate discounts and other USPS money saving programs

12. Optional Electronic Delivery and Signature confirmation

13. Optional printing of Certified Mail forms


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