Data Pac DP 140W Postage Meter Review

The DP 140W features a digital mailing system. It has an easy to read 15-inch touch screen.

It can weigh and stamp 140 letter envelopes every minute. In batch mode, it can process up to 200 letters per minute.

It includes a sealer and can handle envelopes of mixed thickness. It prints labels that are 1 3/16″.

Optional items are a weighing platform or differential weighing.

The Data Pac DP 140W is also a low capacity meter, so rental prices start between $10 to $35 per month.

Data Pac DP 140W Postage Meter

Data Pac DP 140W Postage Meter Features

  • Digital Mailing Solution
  • 140 Letters / minute, Weigh-on-the-Fly In-line Scale
  • 200 letters per minute in Batch mode with Shaped Based Measuring
  • Mixed Thickness Feeder
  • Automatic Envelope Sealer
  • Large 15″ touch screen PC
  • 1 3/16″ Label Printer
  • Platform for Weighing Packages and Letter (Optional)
  • eSMART- MAiL Software

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Conclusion: The Data Pac DP 140W postage meter is a very good product, delivering super fast mailing solutions. This equipment is good for small businesses and companies with low to medium mailing needs.

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