Benefits That Postage Meter Users Can Derive From The Intelligent Mail Package Barcode

Benefits That Postage Meter Users Can Derive From The Intelligent Mail Package Barcode

The new requirements for package tracking which the United States Postal Service ® (USPS®) introduced last year have important implications for postage meter users. Postage meter users can qualify for Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) rates only if they include an Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IM®pb) on USPS package shipments. If you are using a postage meter, you need to slightly change the way you ship packages in order to be able to preserve your discounted shipping charges.

But what is the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode and how does it impact postage meter users? The IM®pb facilitates USPS package tracking to an advanced level as it includes all the routing information that you need to track packages from shipment till delivery. So when you use an IM®pb label on USPS shipments, you gain end-to-end visibility. You and your customers can track the shipment status and predict the delivery date. The postal service can predict workload and resources before and during the packages’ transit through its network. Additionally, you can avail discounted rates if you use an IM®pb label on USPS packages.

IM®pb is not a new concept as all USPS packages except a few mail classes, such as Media Mail, postage meter mailers, and Standard Mail, were required to include an IM®pb label. However, from January 26, 2015, onwards, the USPS required businesses to use IM®pb labels on all commercial packages in order to be eligible to avail Commercial Base Pricing. So at present, postage meter users need to pay a little extra for the package apart from what they need to pay for an USPS Tracking™ label. So what do you need to do in order to continue availing discounted USPS shipping rates? It’s quite simple- you need to use IM®pb- compliant shipping labels. Details on the IM®pb specifications and implementation can be found on the USPS RIBBS website. There are many software vendors, service providers, and PC postage and meter vendors offering IM®pb- compliant solutions.

So how does the IM®pb label impact businesses? The electronic information and the intelligent barcode provide critical information that allows the postal service to dynamically assign packages to delivery routes by leveraging technology. The process generates a data-rich digital trail that provides tracking visibility. It works to enhance your customers’ experience and fuels business intelligence, allowing you to grow your business and provide high quality service.


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