Discovering The Benefits Of Renting Postage Meters

Did you know that a postage meter could be great for your business? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of postage meter rental.

Are you sick of hauling your company’s mail to the post office? Frustrated with keeping up with postage rates? Do you wish you could bring the post office to you?

Thankfully, there’s a solution for that.

You can rent your very own postage meter.

If you’re on the fence about making the jump, read on to learn all the benefits of a postage meter rental.

Postage Meters Reduce costs

As a business owner, you’re always looking to cut costs any way you can.

Sending mail is a costly process. By investing in a postage meter rental, you’ll save money.

If you choose to rent a postage meter, you’ll enjoy discounts through the United States Postal Service (USPS). You’ll be able to see the financial discounts with the meter’s reports. You can compare the costs you save through your financial reports. This can be as much as a $0.03 discount on 1 oz First Class postal letters.


You’ll also save costs by renting the meter. Purchasing a postage meter can be a huge investment. And your business may not always have a high demand for outgoing postage. You’ll be able to rent the postage meter during periods of high volume, busy seasons, and special projects.

Having your own meter will also ensure that you’re paying the correct amount of postage depending on the size and destination of your mail. Never again will you have mail returned for insufficient postage. Plus you’ll never have to worry about overpaying for stamps.

Renting Postage Meters Adds professionalism to your mail

You want your business to look like a big player in your industry. Are you constantly handwriting addresses or creating hundreds of individual mailing labels? That can make your business look less established.

Plus, a metered piece of mail looks much more professional and clean than a hastily placed postage stamp.

Many meters allow you to add images or text directly onto your mail’s envelope. This makes it easy to customize each piece of your mail. Your customers will be impressed by your professional looking mailings.

Improve efficiency

Are you constantly running to the post office to send large mailings? What about spending time sticking stamps on each piece of mail? Even creating and printing labels takes a lot of your precious time.

Postage Meter For small officePostage meter rentals are all automatic. Simply program the meter to process the mail and you can spend time doing more important things. Imagine all you can get done while your mail is being processed automatically.

You’ll save time by entering in addresses and return addresses into the postage meter. Plus, they’ll lessen the mistakes that may occur if you create them yourself.

You can instantly purchase more postage through the meter itself, so you’ll never find yourself scurrying to the post office for refills on stamps. And you’ll never find yourself in a long post office line on your lunch break.

Choose which postage meter rental fits best for your business

If you think every postage meter is created the same, you’re thinking wrong.

There are tons of options for your business based on how large or small it may be.

Basic meters require that you manually feed the letters into the slot to be processed. Other, more advanced processing meters have rollers that will automatically pull the mail through. This way, it won’t require a person to monitor the meter.

There are also options available that will automatically seal your letters. So no more wasted time sealing the letters yourself. You can find other options that will automatically stack your mail so you won’t have to focus on organization.

Is your business sending more than just simple letters? If you’re sending larger envelopes or packages, many of the postage meter rental options also come with a scale. So you’ll be able to mail your larger items accurately and put the correct amount of postage on them.

If you’re sending a lot of what is considered “bulk mail” then you’ll be able to save settings. So you won’t have to continue programming the meter to process your mail. This is another added benefit of many postage meters.


Does your business need a postage meter?

There are a lot of benefits to having a postage meter rental. But how do you know if your business requires one?

Each business is different in their needs and how often they actually send outgoing mail. The difference can be as much as whether or not you’re sending out monthly bills or large packages daily.

Some things to think about before you start renting a postage meter:

  • What is your business’s mail volume like? – Are you sending out large amounts of mail every week? It’s best to make sure your rental investment will be worth the price it will cost.
  • Are you sending lots of packages? – If you’re a business that sends out products directly from your office, you can benefit with a postage meter rental. You can benefit from the USPS discount, and quickly and efficiently send out those packages on time. You also won’t need to worry about using a third party to send out your packages.
  • Do you send a lot of bulk mail from your business? – If you’re sending a lot of marketing materials, you can benefit from having your own postage meter in house. Again, you’ll receive discounts from the U.S. Postal Service.

If you’re sending several packages and letters a day, you’ll save money. It will also be more convenient for your business.


Are you wondering if a postage meter rental is good for your business? Think of all the pros and cons of renting one of these handy machines.

Is your business constantly pushing a lot of direct mail marketing materials and mailings? If so, this may be the best option.

Does your business require high levels of efficiency? A postage meter will work perfectly for your business.

Picking the ideal meter for your business is based on your specific needs. But whatever you choose, you’ll notice the improvement in your business’s efficiency and cost savings.


Print up to 65 letters a minute!
Pitney-Bowes-postage-metersPOSTAGE METER REQUEST QUOTEPitney Bowes Meters
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