Are Postage Meters Cheaper Than Stamps?

As businesses grow along with company mailings, it’s important to ask if postage meters are cheaper than stamps? The quick answer would be not only are postage meter is cheaper than stamps, they are also far more convenient and get the job done 10x faster.

iX-3 Series Mailing Meter

Entering data into a computerized postage meter is easier and more convenient for businesses than using traditional stamps. With access to valuable discounts like saving 7% on each letter they send or up 40%, it’s no wonder that Postage Meter users are taking advantage of this service!

When mailing letters and packages, it’s easy to get frustrated at the hassle of going through all that rigmarole just so you can pay full price. But there are now ways for businesses like yours with an office nearby (or within walking distance) can make things even easier by printing off your labels right on site! Plus these days shipping costs aren’t always what they used be—so why not take advantage?

As of August 29, 2021, postage meters will save consumers 5 cents on every First-Class letter.

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Postage Meters vs Stamps

Postage meters and stamps are similar in many ways, but they each have their own unique benefits. This article will help you decide which is best for your business!

Quadient IS-6000 Postage Meter

Sending metered mail is more reliable than using stamps, as meters can calculate exact postage costs based on the weight of your item. So if you’re mailing something that requires accurate billing like a business card or package and doesn’t want to risk an overpayment by accident then it might be worth looking into why not all post offices offer this service!

If you’re looking for a way to save time and money, consider getting your own postage meter. With this easy-to-use device in the comfort of your office chair, printing stamps is as simple as pressing print! Not only do they cut down on mailing costs while also cutting out all those trips outside with cars or buses; these meters can even be used by companies who don’t have physical post offices because it will still calculate how much shipping should cost based on what type of item needs delivering overseas instead.

FP PostBase Mini - Benefits

Postage systems can calculate the exact cost of shipping. Handily, most have a weighing scale included and remove any risk for overpaying or under-punching – making them far more reliable than traditional stamps.

With the increased demand for metered mail, many postal meters can process over 150 letters per minute and the cost of mailing is cheaper than it would be if you used stamps.

Benefits of Postage Meters Over Stamps

With a leasing agreement for the postal service, you can offer your customers and clients large discounts that they will love. The top four reasons why this is so great are as follow:


The price of sending mail is higher than you might expect and a quick look at your company financial records will soon confirm the true cost of outgoing mail. For many businesses, leasing an efficient postage meter can help them save money without sacrificing quality or reliability in their mailing processes!


A postage meter can make a big difference in workplace efficiency for very small businesses or those with low mailing volume. However, large companies and marketing teams that send out promotional materials often find themselves at an advantage when using this tool as well–especially if they routinely use mass mailings to contact many contacts or potential clients on behalf of the company’s brand promotion efforts.

IS-5000 Postage Machine

Leasing a postal meter means that tasks such as writing addresses and packing envelopes can be partially or even fully automated. These are time-consuming jobs for anyone who has them done manually but with automation, they no longer need your attention because internally available resources take over instead – making this more valuable in smaller offices where there just isn’t enough manpower on hand at any given moment anyway (especially since you might not have an employee).


Custom stamps are almost always more expensive than the face value of the postage (typically 28–59% more). Mailing a 2-ounce mailing with 1000 pieces can cost as much as $1,300.

Stamps are a great way to personalize your mailings. The type you choose will depend on how much money and creativity you have available for stamps, custom ones if there’s an unlimited budget or metered depending on what works best with the number of pieces needing to be addressed (postcards mostly).

A postage meter is not the best option if your company has low-volume mailings such as 20 to 30 pieces a week. However companies that male 500 or even 1000 pieces a month would not only save tremendous amounts of money on postage, but the savings on time in labor alone would be worth renting a postage machine.

Compare Postage Meter Cost

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